Empowering the people who safeguard our skies

Entry Point North provides a full range of ATS training and services. Our unique, personalised approach to education ensures that our students acquire the skills, confidence, and mindset to perform at the highest level.

Enter a full-service ATS academy

We offer a wide range of training, which includes everything from ATC courses to fully-customised consultancy.



Our ATC training and services ensure  that your current and future air traffic controllers will perform at the highest  possible level.



We help the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel, who create and support ground-based electronic hardware and software systems, develop their knowledge and skills.

All training & other services

All training & other services

Additionally, we offer Flight Information Services, Safety and ATM-related courses, as well as recruitment, consultancy and simulator services.

EPN Anywhere

Our online training is developed by industry experts together with instructional designers to create the best online learning experience. Our Anywhere courses train, assess and examine students according to regulatory requirements. With Anywhere Plus, scheduled instructor-led sessions complement self-paced learning through live sessions, adding depth to the learning.

Enter a unique way of training

We strongly believe that training is more than just teaching facts and techniques. Our goal is to empower our students and help them develop into confident, proactive professionals who have the right skills, confidence, and mindset for the job. To accomplish this, we use a unique, personalised approach to education.

Students & staff from around the world

We train our students in an international and inclusive environment, characterised by consideration and mutual respect. Studying with people from other cultures gives our students an understanding of working in an international setting, laying a solid foundation for a career in aviation.

Our key messages

Our clients

We have the privilege of working with a wide range of organisations in the aviation sector, from air navigation service providers to airlines and airports.

Enter top-level training centres

Many of our students get their training at one of our six European training centres, where we offer an optimised learning environment with all the required facilities, including state- of the art simulators.


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