New training facilities at Entry Point Central in Budapest

Our training center Entry Point Central was established in May 2011 and is located at HungaroControl building next to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Two years later, in 2013, HungaroControl decided to build a new training center in one of its existing buildings which accommodated the air navigation operations room, the tower and radar simulators earlier.

Following two years of construction, the fully renovated building now welcomes its new residents: the CRDS (Center of Research, Development and Simulation), the training activities of Training & Documentation Departments of HungaroControl and Entry point Central academy.

The Entry Point Central training centre now occupies 228m2 of simulator training space on the second floor and 146m2 of office space on the third floor available from 1st January 2016. The spacious briefing rooms and the classrooms will be jointly used by the tenants offering flexibility and economies of scale.

The academy is equipped with 22 state-of-the-art simulator positions and two 180° 3D Towers. The new facilities have plenty of space to expand – the simulator training area is able to house many more positions, there are 13 classrooms and briefing rooms with 650m2 of serviceable area available for future training requirements.

The Entry Point Central team is excited about the move to new facilities – new and improved conditions will definitely contribute to the efficiency and quality of its services.