During 2015 Entry Point North has developed Air Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) Qualification Refresher courses - 6 new training modules:

  • ATSEP Qualification COM-Voice Refresher
  • ATSEP Qualification COM-Data Refresher
  • ATSEP Qualification NAV Refresher
  • ATSEP Qualification DAT-DP Refresher
  • ATSEP Qualification SUR Refresher
  • ATSEP Qualification SMC Refresher
The 2-4 days training courses consist of theoretical lessons and are delivered by professional international instructors with ATSEP operational experience. The courses cover a selection of the topics described in EUROCONTROL Specifications for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Common Core Content.

At Entry Point North, ATSEP Qualification refresher courses can be delivered as separate streams (e.g. NAV-DME) or as combined courses (e.g. NAV Combined course). Each of the courses ends with a final test and the students are awarded with a diploma.

We are now delivering the first 19 ATSEP Qualification Refresher courses for Naviair during the period of Oct 2015 – May 2016. The training is performed on site at client's facilities in Copenhagen.

All Naviairs ATSEPs have to attend one or more of these courses dependent on their Qualifications.
"We have decided to outsource to Entry Point North the total ATSEP Qualification Refresher programme this year. Doing it all on our own would have required alot of resources, time and costs, especially for the training material development of all different Qualification streams. Being in the middle of the programme delivery, we are very satisfied with the result." - says Bent Fog, Technical Director at Naviair.
If you want to know more about ATSEP Qualification Refresher training, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.
Photo: Jörn Andre Andersen, Entry Point North