The 2014 International AFIS Seminar was held during 9-10 September, hosted for the fifth time by Entry Point North. The seminar is a unique annual event for the AFIS community and this year we had the honour of welcoming more than 50 AFIS operators, national CAA officers and managers from 13 different countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Indonesia, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. It has proved to be an excellent opportunity to actively share the latest news, developments and best practices while generating professional discussions and new ideas.

This year’s seminar looked into AFIS throughout the world – we have now collected data from 70 countries. The participants’ presentations showed how diverse the development of AFIS in the world is – it ranges from countries considering the introduction of AFIS to others with more than 40 years AFIS operational experience. The seminar introduced the members to accident and incident investigation, explained the EASA rulemaking process, presented UAV operations in FIS airspace and FIS en-route services in Denmark. The participants were also informed about the formation of the international AFIS association initiated by Paul Brown in the UK. The event once again provided an excellent opportunity for participants to develop and learn from each other’s experiences.

Entry Point North is continuously playing a central role within the AFIS community. The dedicated website for the AFIS and ATS communities gives an opportunity for AFIS and ATS personnel to contact each other and encourages the members to further develop and improve their operational best practices.

We would like to thank to all the participants for making this year’s AFIS Seminar a great success. We hope to see you at AFIS Seminar 2015 on 2-3 September!