“Change before you have to.”

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric


Why have we decided to invite you to discuss CHANGE this year? – Because it’s an inevitable part of safety critical industries like aviation and ATM. New technology, new regulations and new demands require organisations to adapt and adjust. We aim to inspire and broaden the understanding about potential ways to recognise and handle changes.

Learn the secrets of “Management of Change” and “Change Management” (and the difference between the two) from great speakers with deep insight in management of organisational change. You can find seminar agenda here.

Is this seminar for me? Yes, if you:

  • have staff responsibility
  • are in charge of training
  • are involved in projects and project management
  • are responsible for change implementation in your organization

The event will begin at Entry Point North academy on 25th May and will continue at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live on 26th May.

The seminar package price is €349 per person. The package includes: 2 seminar days, transportation between the Clarion hotel and Entry Point North, lunches on both days and seminar dinner. The accommodation booking should be done individually – we recommend the participants to stay at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live, where the seminar takes place on the second day and where the bus leaves from/arrives to on the first day. Due to the popularity of the hotel, we suggest the participants to make their booking arrangements in a timely manner.

If you wish to book your seat, please fill in the form. If have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at seminar@entrypointnorth.com.

Experience exciting and interactive days with us and take the opportunity to expand your professional network and exchange views on management of change!