Entry Point North establishes together with HungaroControl a joint ATM academy in Budapest, Hungary

Press Release

Entry Point North owned by the Swedish, the Danish and the Norwegian air navigation service providers and the Hungarian air navigation service provider are opening a joint ATM training academy in Budapest named Entry Point Central. Starting in September 2011, the future generation of Hungarian air traffic controllers will be trained according to the world-class Scandinavian training program and methodology.

The joint venture is a long-term, cross-border partnership that has been created with the purpose of increasing the level of initial air traffic controller training in this region. The first training course will begin in September 2011.

Entry Point North has found an excellent partner in HungaroControl to set up a joint regional ATM academy. “We are pleased to work closely with a strong partner. This new collaboration is an important step in meeting the European Union’s goals of a single and harmonised market” says Anne Kathrine Jensen, MD for Entry Point North.

Initially, the newly established academy will train Hungarian students, and since the training is fully EUROCONTROL CCC compliant, it will also offer international ATM training for other partners requiring European harmonised air traffic controller training.
The signing of the agreement. From left Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl
and Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director of Entry Point North