Empowering the people who safeguard our skies

Entry Point North is one of the world’s leading ATS academies. We deliver ATS training and related services at our training centres, at client sites around the globe, and in virtual classrooms.

Training philosophy

We strongly believe that training is more than just teaching facts and techniques. Our goal is to empower our students and turn them into confident, action-taking professionals who have both the required knowledge and the right mindset for the job. To accomplish this, we apply a unique student-centred approach to education.

Decades of training experience

Entry Point North was founded in 2006, and is as a joint venture of three Air Navigation Service  Providers (ANSPs): Naviair (Denmark), LFV (Sweden) and AirNav (Ireland). We are an independent company with decades of collective training experience.

Our clients

Our clients are public and private sector ANSPs, airports and airlines, as well as military organisations from all over the world. Over the years we have had the pleasure of delivering training to more than 150 clients from 58 countries.