Simulators at our training sites

Entry Point North uses state-of-the-art BEST simulators from the UK-based company MicroNav and COOPANS simulators. At our five training sites, we are equipped with:
  • Entry Point North Sweden - 90 simulator positions, six 180° TWR 3D simulators, one 360° TWR 3D simulator and one 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator
  • Entry Point North Ireland - 61 simulator positions (40 can be configured as COOPANS), 20 (Shannon) + 16 (Dublin) radar/pilot positions (dedicated COOPANS). Two 180° TWR 3D simulators and one 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator
  • Entry Point Central Hungary - 34 simulator positions, two 180° TWR 3D simulators
  • Entry Point North Denmark - one 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator providing five TWR controller positions and ten pilot/controller (ACS/APS) positions
  • Entry Point North Spain - 14 simulator positions, three 180° TWR 3D simulators
The training positions are flexible and can be grouped or un-grouped quickly as needed, to run exercises in stand-alone or suite mode (executive and planner), groups or full “control centre” configuration, all depending on the training requirements.

Connection to network
All positions are connected to the same network, which provides great flexibility in the use of the simulator facilities and it enables us to run combined courses, e.g. from ACS to ADI.
360° tower simulator
The 360° tower simulator is equipped with 3D displays, which are based on a rear projection on eight screens - each screen is 180 cm high and 240 cm wide. The simulator provides up to three controller positions. Each controller position consists of one radar display, one AUX display, one touch display for communication and one touch display for lighting panel.
270°/360° tower simulators
Two of our 270° tower simulators consist of 22 portrait-mode 65” UHD displays. These simulators have a total diameter of 8 meters, are 1,5 meters high and can provide up to five TWR controller positions. The third 270° tower simulator consists of 16 portrait-mode 65” UHD displays. This simulator can be operated with up to three controller positions and as many pilots as requested.

All three simulators have a physical 270° setup, but can display a full 360 view. Each display is driven in 4K, making the scenery and airplanes look just as authentic and distinctive as if you were looking out of the window.
180° tower simulators
Each of our thirteen 180° tower simulators are equipped with a 3D display system consisting of four HD displays, up to 55”. Each of the towers includes up to two controller positions.

Each controller position consists of one radar display, one AUX display, one touch display for communication and one touch display for the lighting panel.
Radar simulators
In its standard configuration, a radar/pilot position consists of one position with one 40” radar display, one AUX display and one touch-display for the communication.
COOPANS simulators
Our COOPANS simulators are based on the Topsky product from the French based company Thales.
Entry Point North has two different simulators. One (based in Shannon) is equipped for training only and the other (based both in Shannon and in Dublin) can be configured for either training or as contingency. All COOPANS simulators are equipped with 2Kx2K displays.

Our on-site solutions

The benefit of a Mobile On-Site Simulator (MOS) is delivering the simulation aspect of training to the customer in order to perform the training on their own premises. Entry Point North offers the MOS in two different solutions:
The Mobile On-Site Simulator Box (MOS-box) offers the customer flexibility in the number and type of simulator positions to be temporarily installed on the customer’s premises. It can vary between one radar and planner position to a fully simulated control centre.
MOS trailer
The Mobile On-Site Simulator Trailer (MOS-trailer) is a 13 m² fully equipped trailer that consists of a 180° tower simulator with two controller positions (including radar) and two pilot positions. It can easily operate almost everywhere as it only needs a parking spot, access to power and high speed internet. The MOS-trailer is ideal for small to moderate sized airports for regular ATM training, refresher and emergency training, etc.