Simulators and services in Denmark

At Entry Point North Denmark we provide simulator services to Naviair, one of our owners and main customers. Since 2015 we have been located at Naviair's premises at Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport. Due to this location, we are flexible and can adjust to our customer's requests.

We provide training for all Danish ATC Towers and North Atlantic FISOs. Training includes operation and maintenance of simulator systems and data preparation. We also provide simulator pilots for Naviair’s COOPANS training rig, which serves civilian and military ATC and FIS in the Danish flight information region.

Training takes place on a 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator, which consists of five TWR controller positions and fifteen pilot/controller (ACS/APS) positions.

Our team of simulator pilots has experience from many branches within the aviation industry. Among them are former professional pilots, hobby pilots, former ATCO-students, pilot students, former cabin attendants, and ground handlers. This collective experience enables us to deliver highly realistic simulator services.

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Managing Director

Rasmus Henriksen