ATS academy in Ireland

Entry Point North Ireland, established in 2014, is our second-largest training site. We founded the academy together with the air navigation service provider IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), to deliver all their ATM training. This includes Initial Training, Unit Training, Continuation Training and COOPANS conversion training programs. In addition to training ATCOs, we also deliver ATM training to IAA North Atlantic Communications Radio Officers and ATSEP engineers.

Entry Point North Ireland is approved by the Safety Regulation Division of the Irish Aviation Authority as a Training Organisation to conduct unit and continuation training according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340.

Training sites are located in Shannon and Dublin. The site in Shannon is equipped with 48 simulator positions (forty can be configured as Topsky/COOPANS), twenty radar/pilot positions (dedicated Topsky/COOPANS) and two 180° TWR 3D simulators. Our site in Dublin is equipped with thirteen simulator positions, sixteen radar/pilot positions (dedicated Topsky/COOPANS) and one 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator. More than 900 participants started a course in 2020. Entry Point North Ireland is staffed by experienced ATC personnel seconded from IAA and supported by personnel from headquarters in Sweden.

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Managing Director

Austin Hallahan
Header photo: IAA