ATS Academy in Spain

Since 2017 we deliver Basic and Rating Training training for Spanish students who plan to work for ENAIRE or any other Spanish ANSP. Additionally, we provide development training for international customers.

The Initial, practical instructor and assessor training conducted at our branch in Madrid is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340.

Our teachers and instructors have many years of operational and educational experience. Since they are local as well as international, our Spanish students learn English and Spanish phraseology. This ensures that when they graduate, they are well-prepared to work in both languages.

The site is equipped with thirty-four simulator positions and six 180° TWR 3D simulators. 43 participants started a course in 2020.

Studying at Entry Point North Spain

If you are interested in studying at our academy in Madrid, please visit our Spanish website to learn more.