We train for SUCCESS

Entry Point North trains for success

Student in focus

We believe that each student has to be treated in an individual way. Our main focus is to guide our students to reach the training objectives. We adjust our practices to match a student’s background and culture. Each student learns differently. We take this into consideration by providing individual feedback with focus upon personal improvement. We always focus on what is best for our students’ development.


Understanding of individual needs

Every student is unique with individual capacities, skills, background, strengths and weaknesses. We consider every student’s individual needs for development. We create a pedagogical learning environment for each student so they can grow in their own personal way to meet the designated goals. If needed we can arrange individual support to help our students meet the requirements. To ensure continuity in our students’ individual development we use as few different instructors as possible.


Consideration and mutual respect

We treat our students as future colleagues and with respect. We train them in an international environment with respect for each individual’s origin. We consider our students’ position by educating in a relaxed and open minded atmosphere with respect for each other’s roles. We consider that feedback and ”feedforward” should be constructive and focus on facts to enhance development. With a well-established recruitment process our fundamental idea is that our students are starting training with the potential to graduate.


Coaching students to reach full potential

We have an open dialogue between students, instructors and management. We practice ‘just culture’ – we treat every student equally and fairly. We practice active coaching methods and involve the student in briefings and debriefings. We offer up to date simulators and equipment. We prepare them for the job with a realistic and goal oriented education so they will match the requirements for the future and become responsible and professional team members.


Engaged and motivated staff

Our multi-cultural and international staff educates in accordance with our agreed company values and guidelines. We mix operational personnel with training specialists, trained for this specific task, to provide a high standard and up-to-date education. Every instructor is coached by the course management and is encouraged to continuously develop their teaching skills. We are continually developing methods, skills and knowledge to meet the changing challenges within the industry.


Support and dedication

We believe that all our students are trainable and have the potential to succeed. Our goal is for every student to succeed and graduate. We give every student active and individual support through instruction and coaching. We motivate our students on a daily basis and for every training session. We inspire and stimulate our students to work hard in every situation. We help our students to make the right choices concerning their own learning situation. We have meetings where students can discuss educational issues and other problems in private with the course management without being assessed.


Shared responsibility towards learning

Instructors and students share the responsibility for training, quality and results. We give our students clear learning parameters, and our staff helps them to reach those parameters. Mistakes are recognised as an integral part of the learning process and both our students and instructors are responsible to transform them into development. Our students are responsible for their own motivation and learning. We are responsible for stimulation of our students’ learning process and motivation on a day to day basis. Training is hard work for all: students and instructors. Together we can create SUCCESS.