We care about training and contribute to a safer sky

Entry Point North is one of the world´s largest global Air Traffic Service (ATS) academies. We provide competitive training and services to meet the needs of our customers. The world is our workplace, and everything we do contributes to a safer sky, because we care about training.

We are known for our unique and modern training philosophy and methodology. Entry Point North´s premium training and services comply with the most stringent of international requirements and standards. With our “can do” attitude, we always seek to comprehend customer needs in order to tailor make services in terms of time, number of students, length of session, location and support.

Our ambitious business model is based on a defined flow, where we focus on touch points, standards and process optimization. This enables us to offer high quality training programs and contents. Furthermore, our framework releases excess capacity, which allows us to constantly develop our learning environment and stay close to our customers and students. We are responsible, and we never compromise on the quality of our services.

We appreciate different cultures. Our own culture is based on a professional and flexible approach. Our people are brave, collaborative and engaged, and we trust that each individual takes own responsibility and acts based on our common values.

In the future we will through our open minds continue to be innovative and entrepreneurial. We shall be the premier ATS training academy with global reach and local presence. To strengthen that position, we are always curious about how we train talents. We encourage team work, and we are committed to deliver unique services that contribute to a safer sky.

Our vision

We shall be the premier ATS training academy with global reach and local presence.

Our mission

We care about training and provide competitive services to our customers. Our engaged people ensure premier customer value through our unique and modern training philosophy, methods and processes.

Our values

Brave. We go beyond the ordinary to provide top-quality training and services at anytime and anywhere.

Responsible. We provide professional, honest and objective assessment of the trainees and follow up on their development to ensure they meet their full potential.

Innovative. We combine our many years of experience with state-of-the-art technology and methods to continuously improve our services to clients.

Open-minded. We listen to and work together with our clients. We welcome global diversity and cooperation.


Photo: LFV, Kenneth Hellman