Our purpose

We are here to empower the people who safeguard our skies.

Our vision

We know we’ve reached our goal when our name is synonymous with the most skilled and confident students.

Our values

Brave begins where comfort leaves off. That’s why we dare to take on new tasks and do things differently as we push progress for our colleagues, customers, and communities.

Responsible begins where right meets action. That’s why we go beyond words, taking initiative with all the energy and resources necessary to do right. 

Innovative begins where there must be a better way. That’s why we continuously question how things can be better, using curiosity and creativity to stretch the limits of what we can achieve.

Open-minded begins where differences are welcome. That’s why more than simply accepting and respecting, we seek out other perspectives with joy and gratitude, knowing this is the path of true learning.


Photo: LFV, Kenneth Hellman