Advanced TWR Simulator Upgrade in Copenhagen

Over the last couple of weeks, Entry Point North has upgraded its TWR simulator at the Danish site located on Naviair’s premises in Copenhagen Airport.

The previous system consisted of four HD projectors displaying on a 2700 curved screen (diameter of 9 metres and height of 3,5 metres) and has now been replaced by twenty-two 65″ UHD displays, that are driven by a total of twenty-two high performance image generators with top quality graphics cards. The display system gives a 270 degrees horizontal field of view, and has a diameter of 8 metres long with a height of 1,5 metres. It is also possible to show a 360 degrees field of view on the physical 270 degrees screen.

The update of the system provides an ultra-sharp picture, as the number of pixels changed from 7000 x 1200 projected on a 22 x 3 metre screen to 47500 x 3840 on a 19 x 1,5 metre screen.

The new setup provides space for five TWR controller positions and up to ten pilot positions. Some of these positions are also suitable to use for approach controllers. The simulator will be used for the TWR Unit and Continuation training for ATCOs coming from Copenhagen Airport and six regional Danish airports. Entry Point North simulator experts have built detailed digital simulation environments of each of these seven airports along with tailor-made exercises to run in the simulations.

Before the summer of 2017, Entry Point North will also update its TWR simulator in Dublin to the same advanced setup as in Copenhagen.