During November Entry Point North delivered customised AFIS Refresher training for Vilhelmina Airport and Arendal Airport Gullknapp. As requested, the training for Vilhelmina consisted of situations with normal traffic, as well as unusual events, emergencies and contingencies, while the participants from Arendal Gullknapp focused their training on unusual situations: IFR, departures, emergencies and runway incursion. Both AFIS Refresher training courses were delivered using the client’s “own” airport and airspace. Entry Point North also offers the option to conduct the training on a generic airspace designed for AFIS or HFIS operations.

Another way of conducting AFIS Refresher training is renting our state-of-the-art-simulators for the duration of the training. This also includes customised exercises preparation and provision of simulator pilots. The training is then delivered by own staff from the unit.

Aside from refreshing the knowledge, Refresher training at Entry Point North provides a valuable opportunity to participants from different units to meet and learn from each other’s experiences when multiple airports within a country coordinate their training to take place at the same time.

As a new development, Entry Point North can now also provide theoretical examination in local and/or national rules as part of the refresher course. This addition is offered in order to assist AFIS airports to comply with national rules for the yearly competency checks. The refresher simulations can be complemented with a variety of different theoretical subjects, such as meteorological observation, phraseology, update on national rules, update on international rules, information on the use of surveillance in the AFIS service, remote TWR operations, UAV operations, human factors, PBN and UAV operations.

If you are interested in  refresher training solutions for your airport, please contact our sales department at sales@entrypointnorth.com.