In May 2019, Entry Point North provided an Apron Control Course for newly selected apron controllers in Xi An, China. Entry Point North is selected by ATMB (the national ANSP of China) as their first and only foreign co-provider, which will result in a long-term cooperation.

The course gave the participants knowledge and understanding of responsibility, communication and tools used by Apron Controllers in Europe. Additionally, they gained knowledge about Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM): an information sharing concept from Europe which is quickly developing in China.

In the past, all the initial ATC training, including the apron control license, was provided by three aviation universities as academic education of the students. Afterwards, 2-3 years needed to be spent on transitional training, pre-on-the-job-training and on-the-job-training to make sure the university graduates are fully qualified for their job. To narrow the gap between initial training and unit training, CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and ATMB will now recruit candidates from different universities and provide the initial training in professional training academy, i.e. the training center of North West ATMB, which will be operated as an independent company.