ATSEP training for PCCW-HKT

We are pleased to say that we have been selected to be an ATSEP Training provider for PCCW-HKT in Hong Kong. PCCW-HKT is responsible for CNS/ATM system in Chek Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong. PCCW group also holds interests in telecommunications, media, IT solutions and other businesses throughout the world.

In January 2013, our experienced human factors instructors performed on-site ATSEP OJTI and ATSEP Assessor courses. The training was compliant with ICAO standards and was regarded as a great success.

We offer a variety of ATSEP courses and recently had the honour of welcoming participants from PCCW-HKT and Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to the ATSEP Basic course in Malmö, Sweden together with 3 other clients. Later this year, we will be also delivering on-site ATSEP Training consultancy services to PCCW-HKT.

“We are very proud to be chosen by PCCW-HKT for ATSEP Training and consultancy. It once again confirms an international recognition of our high quality training services and it’s a pleasant expansion of our Asian activities” – says Anders Halskov-Jensen, Client Manager at Entry Point North.

ATSEP Assessor course. Hong Kong, January 2013