UTM Systems in an operational environment

7 October from 10.00 - 11.30 AM CET
Free of charge

This webinar gives an introduction on potential drone use cases. Based on field experience in projects all over the world, we will touch on current and emerging drone services, UTM services and architecture, current and proposed regulation, counter-measures against “rogue drones”, UTM implementation status, and challenges. The presentation is followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Mr. Roger Li from LFV was originally scheduled as a speaker, but unfortunately he will not be able to join us. Instead, Mr. Ronni Winkler Østergaard and Ms. Ellen Malfliet from Unifly will speak on the same topic.

About our speakers: Mr. Ronni Winkler Østergaard and Ms. Ellen Malfliet

Mr. Ronni Winkler Østergaard is Regional Sales Director Scandinavia & Baltics at Unifly. With 20 years of experience in aviation covering both military and civil air traffic control, European R&D programs and responsibility in strategies and operational development for manned vs. unmanned aviation, Ronni participates in various national and international drone projects, conferences and workshops as an operational expert. Utilizing his background and innovative mindset, Ronni works determinedly to make the drone business grow exponentially, with focus on a safe and flexible integration.
Ms. Ellen Malfliet is the Chief Marketing Officer of Unifly, leading the company’s brand management, marketing, and corporate sponsorship strategies and programs. Ellen also led the Communication and Dissemination work packages of 5 U-space projects. Prior to joining Unifly, Ellen was active in business development and marketing at a software solution provider. She has also served as a customer support professional in several multinational, financial services organizations. As a marketing speaker, she covers a wide range of industry-related topics.


We look forward to welcoming you at this webinar.