In September 2016 Belgocontrol and Entry Point North entered into a framework agreement for ATCO Initial training. The agreement was awarded after a successful evaluation of a Call for Tender in July and is valid for one year with a possible extension of three additional years.

Currently, Entry Point North is training 2 groups of ab-initio students from Belgium. Both groups follow the same schedule – 13-week Basic ATC course, followed by a 12-week APS Rating course and finally a 13-week ADI/ADV Rating course. The first group of 11 students have already finished their Basic ATC course and started their APS rating course whilst the other group of 15 ab-initio students started their Basic ATC course in November. The next group of students will start their training in spring 2017.

All courses are delivered in full compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 and in accordance with Entry Point North’s proven training philosophy and methodology. The training is designed as a combination of theory and intensive practical training with the majority of the time dedicated to hands-on training in our simulators. The courses take place at Entry Point Norths academy at Malmö-Sturup Airport and the students are living in the university city of Lund, approximately 25 km from the Academy.