On 9-10 May 2017 it is once again time for an exciting Entry Point North seminar! This year we will shed more light on the cornerstones of Business Continuity.

How can we plan for the unexpected? During the seminar we will discuss the dynamic and unpredictable ATM environment from different angles and through the eyes of various stakeholders. How we handle unexpected situations that we may not necessarily know or that we are unprepared to handle has a big impact on our organisation’s business survival – Business Continuity.

It will be an interesting two days to discuss and reflect on your organisation and its future developments, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet others in your business environment and to share experiences.

The event will start at Entry Point North academy on 9 May in the morning and will continue at the top of the Turning Torso in Malmö city on 10 May.

The seminar package is €299 (special World ATM Congress price until 9 March, later €349) and includes two seminar days, transportation between the Park Inn Hotel and Entry Point North, lunches on both days, and a seminar dinner.

We look forward to experiencing these exciting and interactive days together with you!