Working at a leading global ATS Academy

Do you want to work in an exciting, international and stimulating environment? Entry Point North is always interested in hearing from talented people who would like to join our team of professionals. Working at Entry Point North means handling a fast-paced environment and collaborating within a dynamic and highly motivated workforce. In order to be successful on our journey, it is important that we work together as a team. We strongly believe that everyone has valuable experience that can be shared, so we grow together as a company.

Do you want to take off with us?

All our employees are dedicated to deliver at a premium level. We are united in our values.

We welcome development. We are part of a target-driven company that plays to win. We dare to take on new tasks, and to do things differently.

We face challenges with all the energy and resources the situation requires. We show respect and help each other in order to perform with high quality.

By being innovative, we stretch the limits of what we can achieve. We encourage people to be creative and curious.

Open minded
We apply an open mind to the perspectives of others. This supports the process of learning and sharing knowledge with our customers and colleagues. We work and communicate in a transparent way where we are honest and have integrity in all situations.

Being an international academy, we welcome diversity which enriches our workforce and brings our values of an open and innovative environment to life. These four words perfectly capture the true value we deliver to our clients and that sets us apart from our competitors. Our values also ensure that all of our businesses and teams share the same vision as we continue to set the benchmark for our industry.

Can you actively apply these values in your everyday work?

If you would like to join our team, please see the job openings on the available jobs page.
Photo: LFV, Kenneth Hellman