The EUROCONTROL Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content (CCC) Initial Training details the minimum training requirement for the achievement of a Student Air Traffic Controller License. A new version (Edition 2.0) of the CCC will be published at the beginning of 2015. After the implementation phase of the new regulation all courses need to be compliant with CCC Edition 2.0.

Entry Point North’s Development Department, being responsible for the development of services and concepts within the Group – 3 training academies in Sweden, Ireland and Hungary, has initiated and started a tremendous work on an ATC Module Update Project. Training plans for all modules and materials are going to be carefully reviewed and revised to be compliant with the new regulation.

The project involving top expertise from all our training sites is planned to last 6 months.

“Being a leading training organisation with three local sites – academies, we can jointly allocate sufficient and competent resources for this important project implementation”

– says Kerstin Sjöbeck, Development Director.