CCC Edition 2.0 is now implemented

From 1st October 2015, all our ATC courses are fully compliant with the new Commission Regulation 2015/340. The ATC course syllabi have been updated to correspond with the content of the new CCC. Some of the courses are already approved by the Swedish CAA and the rest are in process of being reviewed by the Authority.

Tremendous work on an ATC module update project started 1st January 2015 by the team of Entry Point North Group Training and Development Specialists. Training plans for all modules and materials were carefully reviewed and revised to be compliant with the CCC Edition 2.0 including the training objectives, standardised modules, lesson name structure, detailed training plans etc. The duration of some of the modules has also been updated in order to correspond with the new requirements.

We will be delivering the new ATC courses already this year with the start of new classes.