CEO Anne Kathrine Jensen spoke at the World ATM Congress

On 13 March Ms. Anne Kathrine Jensen, Entry Point North CEO, joined a CANSO conference debate discussing the issue of how the ATM industry can benefit by investing in people and increase diversity by recruiting and retaining enough women and millennials. Other panel members were Ms. Teri L. Bristol, COO at FAA, and Kendra Kincade, Employer Branding Specialist at Elevate Aviation.

All three panel members gave their perspective on how to inspire and attract the millennials based on their own carreer experiences, and spoke about how the ATM industry of today must include diversity in their core operations and not just in separate programs. Additionally, an important take-away of the discussion is that the millennial generation wishes to see broad career possibilities already from an early point in their working life. The panel was facilitated by Mr. Michael Bell, Partner Korn Ferry.

From the World ATM Conference programme:

Attracting and Retaining Women and Millennials in ATM
Women have made great strides in many professional fields and industries but, as with aviation generally, the number of women in ATM remains low, with an even smaller percentage in leadership roles. More can and should be done to enable the advancement of women into important roles in ATM, not just as a matter of principle, but because it will support the growth and sustainability of the industry. How should we “change attitudes to gain altitude”?

The need to attract young people into industry is not unique to ATM or even aviation.A number of initiatives have been launched to encourage STEM professionals, including the ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative. Yet there remains a sense that this is nowhere near enough. Two young professionals in ATM will provide an illuminating insight into why they and their peers chose ATM, what have been their experiences to date and, most importantly, what must change if they are to remain and be followed by others.