Commission Regulation EU 2015/340 (ATCO.B.010b) specified the requirements for ATCO Competence Assessment in detail and Entry Point North has recently been delivering several assessments for Danish, Swedish and Hungarian controllers and student controllers.

The regulation states that “the holder of a rating who has interrupted exercising the privileges associated with that rating for a period of four or more immediately preceding consecutive years may only start unit training in that rating after assessment of previous competence […] as to whether the person concerned continues to satisfy the conditions of that rating” (ATCO.B.010(b)). The assessment is also applicable for students with air traffic controller licence who have not started exercising the privileges of that licence within one year from the date of the licence issue or have interrupted exercising it for more than one year. (ATCO.B.001(d))

Entry Point North has delivered the competence assessment for both students and operational air traffic controllers with APS, ADI, ACS, and APP Ratings. Until now the assessment was performed at our training sites in Malmö and Budapest.

The assessment normally takes 1-2 days and consists of a theoretical and practical evaluation. The theoretical test is similar to the final exam of a Rating course. During the practical evaluation, a dedicated assessor evaluates participant’s performance on simulator exercises against the performance objectives of a Rating.

Upon the successful completion of the assessment, the participant receives a certificate that compliments his license and can then proceed with the unit training. In case the participant does not comply with the objectives of the assessment, Entry Point North training experts recommend an individual training plan to bridge the gap in order to be able to continue on to unit training.

The 1-2 days Competence Assessment is designed to assess the knowledge and skills and does not serve as a refresher training. If requested so, a customised refresher training can be offered by Entry Point North prior to the assessment.

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