Are we prepared for the unexpected?

It is our pleasure to invite you to our yearly seminar on 25-26 October at Entry Point North in Malmö. This year we will dedicate this two-day event to the practice and value of Continuation Training and explore what impact it may have on our Business Continuity.

In many organisations Continuation Training has gradually become routine or perhaps even business as usual, due to a highly regulated framework and a firm reliance on procedural compliance. The variation and high rate of change within the operational conditions of our industry challenges the way we prioritise, manage and train our key resource – our employees. One may wonder, do our current practices actually enhance adaptive expertise and thus prepare us for the unexpected?

Experts on this topic will inspire and enlighten us with their presentations. During group discussions and interactive workshops we will discuss different schemes and solutions used for Continuation Training in various organisations and share experiences and best practices.

We are pleased to announce Professor René Amalberti, MD, PhD, Director of FONCSI (The Foundation for Industrial Safety Culture) as our key note speaker.

Click here to see the seminar agenda and to register.