Controllers from Croatia continue training at Entry Point North

Entry Point North, a leading global ATS academy, will continue delivering Area Control Surveillance (ACS) Rating training for Croatia Control Ltd air traffic control students. The ACS course provided by Entry Point North is harmonised and standardised in terms of content and methodology and delivered to the 5 ANSPs – COOPANS members: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden.

In autumn 2013 the first group of Croatian student controllers attended ACS Rating training in the academy facilities in Malmoe. The second group will start their 18-week hands-on training in the beginning of June.

The training delivered is fully compliant with Eurocontrol CCC and includes COOPANS information and site visits to COOPANS operated control centres as part of Croatia Control’s need for specific COOPANS related training. In order to ensure that local training needs are addressed and thoroughly fulfilled, the training is conducted in cooperation between local Croatian instructors and Entry Point North’s professional training staff. Drawing on the instructors’ extensive knowledge and operational experience of the COOPANS system, they also provide all the students with live demonstrations and hands-on training using the latest COOPANS HMI.

“We are pleased to have another group of Croatia Control students at our academy. The continuous close  relation with Croatia Control is very rewarding and proves our abilities to deliver top quality training services”

– says Bjarne Alster, Client Manager at Entry Point North.