Croatia Control are training at Entry Point North

We are pleased to announce that it has been selected by Croatia Control Ltd to provide ATC-related training to its Air Traffic Controllers. Various ATSEP training courses have been delivered during 2012 and Croatian controllers have received OJTI training in Zagreb.

At the moment we accommodate operational controllers from Croatia in our academy in Malmö for Area and Approach Control Rating training. The courses delivered are fully compliant with Eurocontrol Common Core Content. It will include COOPANS information and site visits to control centres as part of Croatia Control’s need for specific COOPANS related training. In order to ensure that special training needs are addressed and thoroughly fulfilled, the training is conducted in cooperation with local Croatian instructors as well as our training staff.

“We are very happy to have Croatia Control Ltd as a new client of Entry Point North for many interesting training projects. We find the Croatian participants very aspiring and eager to learn and that makes our courses even more efficient and interesting” – says Bjarne Alster, Client Manager at Entry Point North.