Enter online: ATSEP training within reach

This highly flexible online ATSEP training allows participants to learn anywhere they want, on any device, and at their own pace. This is a seamless learning journey – from signing in to receiving a Training Certificate after completion.

All of our online ATSEP courses offer training, assessment, and examinations according to the regulatory requirements for EASA and ICAO.

ATSEP Courses

Our self-paced online ATSEP courses are designed to be flexible to the participant’s schedule. The content is divided into smaller bits so participants can easily start and stop whenever it is convenient.

Our full courses offer all the content stated in the regulations for each domain. Our refresher courses focus on either regulatory updates or on refreshing areas within the different domains.

We offer full courses and refresher courses on the following ATSEP topics:

  • Basic
  • Shared
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Surveillance
  • SMC
  • DPR

ATSEP Assessment tools

Operational ASTEP staff can use our Question Service to assess their knowledge and skill levels.

A passed or failed examination can help organisations determine if the staff needs to attend a refresher course. Additionally, organisations can use the examination results to show the knowledge and skill level of their ATSEP staff to their local regulator.


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