On 1 April 2016 Entry Point North celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Since 2006 the company has become one of the largest global ATS academies, offering a comprehensive portfolio of training courses and services.

It has been an exciting and interesting journey, gaining new knowledge and experiences including developing and delivering new aviation related courses, opening new training sites, modernising training equipment, and meeting new customers, students and partners which in turn has enabled us to embrace cultures. From an initial starting point of 20 staff members in 2006 we are proud to be more than 100 employees based in 4 countries today. Some facts about our journey:

At Entry Point North we strive to be the best, and in this respect we will continue to work with passion and determination to be the premier, globally recognised ATS training academy. We are extremely proud to have you as valued customers, granting us your continued support and trust as we continue on our exciting journey. It would not be possible otherwise.