Entry Point North conducts a review of ATCO Training for Austro Control

During September-November 2014, we conducted an ATC Training review for Austro Control. The comprehensive report, consisting of key findings and recommendations, was presented in Vienna on 28 November.

Following the close cooperation between the two organisations, Austro Control requested us to analyse the practices and procedures employed by the organisation to recruit, select and train ATCOs and to identify opportunities for improvement of the quality and efficiency of the whole ATCO education and training process. The project covered recruitment and selection, initial, unit, continuation and development training areas. The complete review was undertaken in cooperation with Austro Control personnel and involved a combination of interviews, questionnaires, process mapping and data analysis.

In addition to the review summary and the presentation of key findings and recommendations, the review provided Austro Control with an action plan for enhanced development in the selection, recruitment and training of ATCOs. The review also identified future focus areas to ensure a ‘red thread’ and an overall strategy for the training process within the organisation.

‘I was pleased with the findings of the review. It provides us, in ambition to be a learning organisation, with a good direction on how to develop further and improve’

– says Mr. Thomas Hoffmann, COO at Austro Control.