Entry Point North delivers recruitment and selection services in China

During the first two weeks of November, Entry Point North delivered recruitment and selection services to North China ATMB, one of the regional ANSPs in China. After delivering both Supervisor Training and Supervisor Refresher and Management Training programmes earlier in the year, the recruitment and selection project is another example of our successful cooperation with North China ATMB.

The two-week process comprised of one week of FEAST testing (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test, a computer-based test developed by EUROCONTROL) and one week of selection interviews. In total, almost 100 candidates completed the FEAST test, of which 48 were selected to be interviewed. In the final stage, North China ATMB received a list of the best performing candidates which will support them in determining who will start their ATC training in 2018.

The whole project gained a strong attention within China as this is the first time ever a foreign provider has conducted the selection process. Other regional ATMBs (ANSPs) visited Beijing to discuss the benefits and possibility to apply the same model. We are proud to be North China ATMB’s partner on this pioneering journey and expect our partnership to become even stronger in the coming years. We have previously delivered the same service to several European ANSPs – from helping with certain parts to taking over the whole selection and recruitment process.

“A selection of the right candidates is crucial for any air navigation service provider as training of air traffic controllers is a huge investment. At Entry Point North we apply proven selection tools and methods to identify the candidates who are best suitable for this demanding job. The recruitment and selection services are thoroughly discussed with the client and customised to meet the client’s specific requirements,”

– says Åsa Kajrup, Entry Point North’s Recruitment and Selection Manager.

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