In November 2015, Entry Point North successfully completed the TRAINAIR Plus training organisation re-assessment and was recertified as a TRAINAIR PLUS Associate Member. The mission was conducted by José Armando Lopéz Falcón from the Global Aviation Training Office, ICAO Headquarters. The auditor gave excellent marks and valuable advice to Entry Point North.
Launched in 2010, ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme is a cooperative network of training organisations and industry partners working together to develop, exchange and deliver ICAO-harmonised training package, high-quality standardised training materials for the benefit of all members. The programme promotes training collaboration for the purpose of improving safety and efficiency of air transport as well as establishment and monitoring of high standards of training and competency of aviation personnel worldwide.

Entry Point North became ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Associate member in October 2012 and completed an on-site re-assessment in November 2015. During the on-site visit, Entry Point North’s training programmes and delivery, training and processes manual, personnel, facilities as well as quality system were reviewed and assessed. Our brilliant result and the renewed status demonstrates that Entry Point North continuously fulfils the requirements necessary to maintain its prestigious TRAINAIR Membership.

Entry Point North would like to thank Mr José Armando Lopéz Falcón for his visit, his remarks and advice.