Entry Point North is providing Refresher training to Albcontrol in Spain

From 20 March until 1 June 2018, we are providing ATC Refresher training to all operational Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) of Albcontrol. The Refresher training includes Area, Approach and Tower Refresher courses and is being delivered at our training site in Madrid, Spain.

The training was specifically designed to meet the annual Refresher training requirements of Albcontrol and the instructor team consisted of both Albcontrol and international staff.

A total of 77 ATCOs have been divided into 9 groups and are participating in 4 – 7 days of intensive training. The training programmes start with one day of common theory with a focus on human factors, coordination and communication, and emergency events. The subsequent days consist of intense hands-on training in a simulation of an Albanian airspace and cover various unusual and emergency situations. Upon successful completion of the training, the participants each receive an individual performance report and a diploma.

“The yearly Refresher training including hands-on simulator training for all our ATCOs is part of continuation training and we are happy with the services provided by Entry Point North in Spain this year. During the course we train on different unusual events/emergency situations in order to keep up the competences and continuous development of our operational staff,”

– says Mr. Sokol Reveli, Head of Operational Division, at Albcontrol.