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Issue #5 – 2010

Welcome to the 5th issue of
Entry Point North’s newsletter!

In this issue, Entry Point North will proudly introduce the students that graduated during summer period, will discuss about our latest partnership and introduce new training services available at our academy. We also want to thank all participants at “AFIS today!” seminar and announce the beginning of – what we hope will be – an AFIS network throughout Europe.

Joint partnership for worldwide business between Entry Point North and LFV Aviation Consulting

Entry Point North is pleased to announce that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with LFV Aviation Consulting offering complete services to international markets. The cooperation agreement between the two companies is facilitating the entry to markets outside Europe. With growing opportunities in Asia, Africa and Middle East, the recent partnership will serve as a tool for offering complete services: training and consultancy.

“Entry Point North is a world-class academy. This agreement gives Entry Point North an established global, sales channel and LFV Aviation Consulting receives yet another requested product to offer our clients”, says Lars Håkansson, MD at LFV Aviation Consulting.
“This new collaboration is mutually favourable in that it will strengthen the market position for both Entry Point North and LFV Aviation Consulting in due course,” says Anne Kathrine Jensen, MD for Entry Point North.

The first project we are working on is in Malaysia for the Air Navigation Service Provider that is building a new ATS training center. LFV Aviation Consulting is the project leader and Entry Point North will amongst other provide an English Aviation tool and an interactive Computer Based Training program. The English Aviation tool can be used as a self-study package for individuals or with groups in a classroom. The CBT will consist of 4 components covering a basic introduction to ATS, how to work as a tower controller, how to work as an approach controller and how to work as an area controller.

The first deliverables for the project have already taken place and we are looking forward to work closely with LFV Aviation Consulting on this and on future projects.

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Entry Point North delivers new training services

Starting this autumn, Entry Point North has made another step towards answering its customers’ needs. This time we are proud to announce that four new and attractive training services have been added to our training portfolio.

We are aware that each of our customers has different training needs and that our responsibility as a certified training provider is to meet all their requirements efficiently, while keeping safety as the top priority. Entry Point North’s strong interest is to be the provider of both general training courses and also specialised courses addressing certain training needs. What recommends us is the extensive experience that we gathered in the recent years during the training services we have delivered. Also, while actively building a stronger network of experts throughout the aviation world, we have learned more about our customers and how to fulfil their needs.

With regard to the fast developing market needs, Entry Point North’s training specialists have produced new training services for Initial training and for Development training, tailored to answer both specific and general requirements.

Entry Point North has now added two new modules where two Ratings are combined:

– Aerodrome Control Instrument and Approach Control Procedural. The module is designed to impart knowledge and skills to student air traffic controllers (ATC) in order to enable them to receive a student certificate of competency for: Aerodrome Control Instrument rating for Tower ADI (TWR) and an Approach Control Procedural (APP) rating.

– Aerodrome Control Instrument with Tower and Radar endorsements and Approach Control Surveillance with Radar endorsement. The module is designed to impart knowledge and skills to student air traffic controllers (ATC) in order to enable them to receive a student certificate of competency for: Aerodrome Control Instrument rating for Tower (ADI TWR), Aerodrome Radar Control Endorsement (ADI/RAD) and Approach Control Surveillance Rating with Radar (APS/RDR).

We are also proud to deliver two new Development courses:

– Rough guide to Air Traffic Control. The course is intended to serve as a complete introduction to Air Traffic Control. It is designed for people who work within the aviation industry, either in a peripheral/ supporting role or in an administrative/ managerial position, but it is also addressed to people working within complementary industries that have contact with the ATC environment.

– Presentation Techniques. The aim of the course is to provide the participants with the neccessary abilities to be more comfortable in delivering and selling a message to an audience. Also, a great focus is placed on the enhancement of the required skills, necessary in creating the perfect learning environment for students.

For any additional information regarding the new modules, please visit our website and check the Products & Services page. Also, you are welcome to send your questions, requirements and feedback to sales@trynorth.com.

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“AFIS today!” seminar – the beginning of an AFIS network throughout Europe

Entry Point North hosted on the 21st and 22nd of September the biggest AFIS seminar in Europe, gathering representatives from 16 states. AFIS operators, air traffic controllers, delegates from training academies, pilots, management members from Air Navigation Service Providers, representatives from Civil Aviation Authorities, training instructors, Eurocontrol specialist on AFIS regulation and other aviation related personnel gathered to analyze, discuss and explore ways to improve what is generally called: “AFIS today!”

The seminar offered the participants the opportunity to share experience and disseminate best practice within the different AFIS operators in Europe. The seminar’s objective was to create the perfect environment, to bring together professionals within aviation industry and to generate discussions and ideas regarding AFIS. An overwhelming interest was noticed from both the 62 participants and from the speakers that attended the seminar.

One of the seminars success factors was the participants’ open attitude and desire to share information about local AFIS practices and to learn from their colleagues. All 16 participating states (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) have shown the same interest in learning how AFIS is developed outside their country and remarkable differences have been pointed out.

The seminar’s main conclusion is that the local execution of AFIS should be done after common regulations. In this light, the future Eurocontrol AFIS manual is expected to be a major step towards the harmonization of AFIS practices. Much appreciated by its participants and considered to be a brave initiative the “AFIS today!” seminar and Entry Point North set the course for what we hope will develop into the biggest AFIS network in Europe.

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Initial Training Graduating Classes

Graduating classes from June 2010 until October 2010

ACS 1005 A
Course Supervisor:  Camilla Lind
Graduation  Date:  2010-06-11

Regitze Vinther-Andersen –  NAVIAIR
Peter Labusz  –  NAVIAIR
Christian Grubbe Sølvhøi  –  NAVIAIR
Jakob Bennike  –  NAVIAIR
Peter Schneider  –  NAVIAIR
Aksel Rye Mortensen  –  NAVIAIR
Bilal El-Wali  –  NAVIAIR
Martin Jensen  –  NAVIAIR
Charlie Boye Svensson  –  NAVIAIR
Christopher A Christiansen  –  NAVIAIR
Glenn Raaby Jensen  –  NAVIAIR


ACS 1005 B
Course Supervisor:  Ulla-Britt Jeppesen
Graduation  Date:  2010-06-11

Christian Almquist  –  LFV
Jim Körberg  –  LFV
Johan Norrman  –  LFV
Joakim Andersson  –  LFV
Peter Kallin –  LFV
Johan Lindvall  –  LFV
Robin Henriksson  –  LFV
Helge Hasslar  –  LFV

             ACS 1005 A & B

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FEAST user group meeting
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CANSO HR group
10.2010, Malmö, Sweden.

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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES ACADEMIES IN EUROPE. It is the first transnational academy specialising in ATM training. Entry Point North is approved by the Swedish CAA. In accordance with provisions of the EU “Directive 2006/23/EC on a Community air traffic controller licence”, it is also accepted by EU member countries. The ATS training solutions offered to customers are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and EUROCONTROL ESARR 5.

ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. In any given week of the study year, about 230 European students or ATCO professionals receive initial training or development training. Students are fully trained to meet requirements of the appropriate rating whether this is APS, ADI, APP, ACS or ACP or a combination of these. Specialised programmes are offered within ATS and AFIS training, as well as development training, human factors and safety courses such as OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor, CAT (Controller Aviation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management).

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