Entry Point North Spain doubles its training capacity

The demand for training at Entry Point North Spain (located in Madrid) has been rapidly increasing since the beginning of 2019. To accommodate for this growth in student numbers, we have expanded the square footage at the Spanish training site in order to make room for three more simulators, which equates to twenty more simulator positions. This results in site currently offering 580 m² of training facilities (classroom, meeting room and a conference room fitted with the latest AV equipment). The site now offers thirty-four simulator positions and six 180° TWR 3D simulators.

Whereas in previous years the students have enrolled at Entry Point North Spain for selected rating courses, this year has been the first time that a group of students started a full initial training programme. This group consists of twenty students participating in the Basic ATC + ADI + APS + ACS + APP/ACP programme, which will end in the summer of 2020. The students have been selected by ENAIRE and will go on their unit training at ENAIRE ATS sites after having passed their training at Entry Point North. Additionally, on 9 September a new group of students will start a rating training course programme consisting of the courses APS, ACS, ACP/APP and GMS. Aside from Spanish students, this year we have also had the pleasure of welcoming ten students from Albania for their Basic ATC training.

We are pleased with this rapid expansion of Entry Point North Spain. If you are interested in reading more about the academy and the training we offer at the Spanish site, please click here.