Entry Point North is pleased to announce that we will be delivering ATSEP training for Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) next year. In the first half of 2019, eight full ATSEP courses will be delivered at GCAA’s new training facility in Accra, which opened two years ago and has all the modern facilities needed for training. More than 30 ATSEP will participate in basic training followed by four different Qualification streams that cover the topics of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Data Processing.

The courses are eight to ten days in length and consist of a mixture of classroom theory, group work and practical exercises. The course participants will complete their training with a theoretical exam followed by individual feedback, after which they receive their training certificates.

All participants are engaged within ATSEP in various GCAA airports in Ghana and will be at the very forefront of ATSEP knowledge and conduct after finishing their courses. GCAA has ordered full courses for between 12-20 participants which means that the GCAA can offer other partners seats not used by their own organisation. Please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com if it would be of interest to you – we would be pleased to coordinate this opportunity.