Entry Point North will train controllers of Prishtina

Following an open tendering process, we have been selected to be the Air Traffic Control Training provider for Prishtina International Airport in Kosovo for the next 3 years.

Our involvement will start in November 2011 with the evaluation and selection of 10 Kosovo students suitable to start the Basic ATC training course early in 2012. Our specialists will use various selection tools in Kosovo to identify the most suitable students. The successful candidates will then be enrolled on a 36 week Initial training programme. During the selection period the students will also receive Aviation English language and basic Radar and Tower skills training.

Prishtina International Airport needs 10 new controllers. The training will start with a Basic ATC course followed by APS, ADI and APP rating courses. The training will be delivered during 2012 at our academy Malmö. The courses are fully compliant with EUROCONTROL Specifications for ATCO Common Core Content and will be delivered by our multinational staff.

We will assist with the arrangement of the students’ daily living requirements including accommodation and meals during their stay in Sweden.

The simulation aspect of training will be conducted using Prishtina Approach Airspace and the Prishtina Airport layout, both of which have been created for the purpose of this training. Our academy is equipped with more than 180 state-of-the-art simulator positions and high resolution 3D image tower simulators: two 360° and eleven 180°.

“We are very pleased that Prishtina International Airport has selected Entry Point North as its training provider. We have seen a lot of interesting developments in Kosovo and we are proud to be working closely together with Prishtina International Airport on meeting its training requirements” says Flemming Eske Hansen, Commercial Director of Entry Point North.

“I have no doubts about the high training quality at Entry Point North. The great advantages of the academy are its multinational training staff with different expertise and customer orientation strategy. One size does not always fit to all – I was very pleased in actually contributing to the training plan” – says Lorik Abdullahu, Chief Controller at PIA “Adem Jashari” ANSP j.s.c. during his visit at the Entry Point North academy.