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Issue #10 – 2012

Welcome to the 10th issue of
Entry Point North’s newsletter!

Dear colleague,

Please find our latest news and graduation classes. We hope you will have a pleasant reading!

Industry Seminar on ATM Training 7th of June

7th of June 2012 Entry Point North will host the free seminar “Changing training habits in a dynamic environment”.

This exclusive seminar is aimed at human resource managers, training specialists and other training professionals within the aviation industry throughout the world. Attendance has already been confirmed by more than 30 training professionals from 12 different countries.

During this one-day seminar, participants will be updated on the latest developments and actively debate the following subjects that the industry faces today:

The seminar topics will be presented by leading speakers from EUROCONTROL and Entry Point North with open discussions facilitated by Tack International. This will provide a great opportunity for participants to expand their international professional network, exchange experiences and ensure they are at the frontline of ATM training. Please find the seminar agenda and more information on our website.

This is a non-profit, free of charge seminar. It will take place at the Comfort Hotel in Malmoe, Sweden. Entry Point North will be happy to assist with the booking of accommodation, but please note that costs related to accommodation and transportation will be at the participants own expense.

We kindly ask you to register for the seminar as soon as possible, but not later than 11th of May, by submitting the online registration form on our website or sending us an email to seminar@entrypointnorth.com. Please note that the number of seats is limited, therefore to guarantee a place we kindly ask you to submit your registration as soon as possible.

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ATSEP Qualification courses are now offered

ATSEP training is now on the top of the agenda for Airports, ANSPs and other safety critical organisations. Following the successful launch of Basic ATSEP course, in August 2012 Entry Point North will be providing its first ATSEP Qualification training course. We offer a complete portfolio that includes 5 different Qualification Streams: Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, Data Processing and Systems, Monitoring & Control and a compulsory Shared Stream (see the chart below).

All ATSEP Qualification courses are designed in accordance with EUROCONTROL Common Core Content and will be delivered by experienced Entry Point North instructors that possess a combination of long term technical and training competences. Altogether we will offer 21 new qualification training courses for air traffic safety electronics personnel. Through the provision of flexible solutions, we will meet most customers’ ATSEP training needs; therefore any complete Qualification or individual course can be taken all down to the specific requirements. Participants must have completed a basic ATSEP course prior to starting any of the ATSEP Qualification courses.

The average duration of a qualification course is 5 days and the Shared stream course is 2 days. The Shared stream course is a common qualification that all ATSEPs must have. It covers subjects such as Safety, Health and Safety and Human Factors.

The qualification courses consist of theoretical lessons combined with practical hands-on laboratory exercises and are conducted using modern training philosophy tools and methods, including personal coaching and individual support. All our ATSEP courses are delivered in English and are open for participants throughout the world. Therefore it also gives a great opportunity to share experiences and best practices between the course participants.

In April 2012 Entry Point North has conducted its first ATSEP Assessor course for participants from 3 different countries. The participants gave a very positive feedback on the course – they found it professional, valuable and at the same time interesting and interactive.

Registration for ATSEP Qualification courses is now open. The schedule can be found here. Contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com to know more or to book your seat.

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ATC Global Exhibition and Conference 2012

ATC Global Exhibition and Conference is the biggest annual meeting place for professionals within the international air traffic management and air traffic control industry. As usual, Entry Point North was present as an enthusiastic exhibitor showing its portfolio of training solutions.

This year Entry Point North had an exciting and extraordinary “restaurant” theme on the stand. The training courses and services were divided into a 5 course meal (in french):

Starting with Amuse-Bouche, we offer selection and recruitment services, followed by Hors d’ Oeuvres with our basic ATC, ATS and ATSEP courses. For the main course (Entrées) we offer various ATC Ratings, ATSEP qualification and AFIS training courses. As for Desserts we provide development, refresher, conversion training. Completing the gourmet meal with Café et plus, where we are happy to assist our clients with simulation exercises, aerodrome design, simulation rental, consultancy and other high quality services.

ATC Global Exhibition and Conference 2012, Entry Point North stand

For safety critical organisations cooperating with a competent total training solution provider is of strategic importance. It ensures mutual confidence, continuous development and highest quality training services that also respond well to the actual client needs. Just as it is in a restaurant – having a great experience comes from choosing the right ingredients, using the proper tools and having high caliber staff!

We had 3 interesting days making many new contacts as well as meeting current friends, colleagues and customers from all parts of the world. Our visitors included representatives from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and, of course, Europe.

We would like to thank everyone, who took time to visit us and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with you!

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New Development Training courses

Entry Point North is proud to introduce in brief with new development training courses:

Train the trainer

”Train the trainer” is a newly designed Entry Point North course for educational leaders, who are responsible for management and implementation of training in safety critical organisations. The course content includes essential knowledge and insight into how to plan and apply efficient development training. The course also provides the participants with helpful tools to manage and coach instructors and students in a structured and motivating way, whilst at the same time ensuring high quality final results. This course is a simple and inexpensive investment towards delivering future local training effectively. Further details and a course description can be found here.

Classroom Techniques

This is a new and inspirational course for anyone responsible for delivering classroom lessons. The course presents and examines a wide range of modern classroom techniques that will enable the participants to deliver inspiring and effective classroom teaching. The course is designed around practical exercises and individual coaching, so that all participants can find out and develop their personal successful teaching style. Further details and a course description can be found here.

Presentation Techniques

”Presentation Techniques” is a course aimed at anyone tasked with delivering presentations or lectures in front of an audience; larger or small. The course examines everything from initial planning to the actual completion of the presentation or lecture. The course is designed around practical exercises, individual feedback and coaching, so that every participant can find out and develop his/her own presentation style suitable to any type of presentation. Further details and a course description can be found here.

If you want to know about our new development courses, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

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Available courses in 2012

ATS, AFIS and MET-OBS courses:

AFIS Refresher course: 1 Oct – 5 Oct (duration 5 days)

ATC Development courses:

ATSEP courses:

General course for non-ATCOs:

The best-in-class training is conducted by our highly professional skilled international instructors using the recognised Entry Point North training philosophy. All the courses and training material are delivered in English. Visit our website to learn more. To book a seat, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming you soon at our training academy!

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Rough Guide to ATC for pilots

In March 2012 Entry Point North launched a new course – Rough Guide to ATC for pilots. The one-day course is designed for commercial and private pilots as a theoretical and practical introduction to air traffic control. It gives an understanding of the overall ATC environment, operational duties, roles and interaction between ATC personnel and pilots. As well as theoretical subjects, the participants get an opportunity to take a seat in “an air traffic controller chair” by performing hands-on ATC simulation exercises together with experienced instructors. Participants receive a broad knowledge and understanding about how air traffic control works, which may then assist their own day-to-day communication and cooperation with controllers when back at work.

The first course was conducted for a group of commercial and private pilots and representatives from Swedish CAA – Transportstyrelsen. The participants evaluated the course as being very valuable and informative and at the same time interesting and compelling.

Following extremely positive feedback, we hope that the new Rough Guide to ATC for pilots course will become more far-reaching within the commercial and private pilot environment. At Entry Point North we can also design a tailor made course according to the needs of a customer. For example, we can offer a Rough Guide to ATC course for pilots that includes local procedures and airspace layout, the required traffic intensity etc.

Please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com if you want to know more about the course.

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Aerospace Forum Sweden in Linköping

Entry Point North will be exhibiting at Aerospace Forum Sweden in Linköping on the 31st May – 3rd June 2012. Aerospace Forum is a manifestation of a long-term tradition in Sweden, where investments in education, research, technology and innovation, together with unique collaboration between operators, manufacturers and authorities, have produced excellent results.


The first two days are conference days. The first day (31st of May) will be dedicated to technology trends and challenges, user benefits as well as a parallel session focusing upon the environment and climate “how to carry more passengers but use less fuel”.The focus of day two is on a small state’s contribution to regional and global security with a special emphasis on an aerospace perspective. On the final two days of the forum there will be an air show. The final day’s air show will be open to the public.

Entry Point North will be exhibiting together with LFV. We will present ATC training, including our 3D tower simulator and a mobile simulation solution that allows simulation training to be brought to the place of customer. You are welcome to visit us in Linköping at stand S30.

For more information about the Aerospace Forum Sweden, please click here.

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The 3nd annual AFIS Seminar 5-6th of September

Entry Point North will host the third annual AFIS seminar in autumn 2012. Last year we had more than 50 participants from 13 different nations who attended this international seminar. We are especially honoured to once again host this unique event that already is being called the annual event for the AFIS community:

Save the dates in your calendar now

5-6th of September, 2012

This seminar targets AFISOs, national CAA managers and officers. As usual, it will take place at Entry Point North ATM Training Academy at Malmoe Airport. It will provide all the latest news and updates within the industry and is probably the best place to meet AFIS colleagues from different countries around Europe to share experiences and best practices.

The 2nd AFIS Seminar participants, November 2011

The official invitation along with the agenda will be published at the end of May. Those of you who are interested, please reserve the days in your calendar already now. Contact us at afis@entrypointnorth.com if you have any questions of suggestions for the upcoming event.

We look forward to welcoming you at our 3nd annual AFIS seminar!

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Graduating classes

Graduating classes from January until May 2012

ATSEP Basic 1205
Course Supervisor: Jörn Andre Andersen

  • Per Kristensen, Naviair
  • Vincent Mathae, Naviair
  • Stefan Laszlofi, Naviair
  • Mette Sepstrup, Naviair
  • Flemming Seitzberg, Naviair
  • Mohamed Elouamari , Naviair
  • Tobias Glavare, ELTEL
  • Oskar Hamren, ELTEL
  • Martin Arvidsson, ELTEL
  • Stefan Hyllander, ELTEL
  • Rolf Bjerlemo, ELTEL
  • Ludvig Rylander, ELTEL
  • Mikael Olsson, ELTEL
  • David Rozenbeek, ELTEL  


TCL 1147
Course Supervisor: Hakon Asgeirsson

  • Unni Galvenius, LFV
  • Ludvig Fahlstedt, LFV
  • Lucas Svensson, LFV



AFIS Refresher 1216
Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö

  • Anders Gelfgren, Lycksele Flygplats AB
  • John-Erik Haugen, Notodden Lufthavn AS
  • Jan Morten Myklebust, Sunnhordland-Stord Lufthavn AS
  • Sverre Audun Rikstad, Sunnhordland-Stord Lufthavn AS









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