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Issue #11 – 2012

Welcome to the 11th issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter!

Here Entry Point North presents the latest news and graduations at the academy.

CAMIC Starts Training at Entry Point North

Entry Point North and CAMIC (the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China) have entered into a long-term collaboration agreement for aviation related training. In July 2011 this long-term cooperation was established when a letter of intent was signed.

Under this partnership CAMIC and Entry Point North together develop new training courses for CAMIC. The courses are provided using the high quality standards for aviation training offered at the academy in Sweden. They are based on international aviation training experience, Best Practices as well as encompassing the latest industry trends in Air Traffic Management.

During August and September 2012 more than 100 participants from different regional air traffic management bureaus within China began their training. The content of the tailor-made courses covers many subjects including Advanced Management Training for AIS Supervisors, Airspace Planning Technology Application and Safety Management.

“Entry Point North is proud to be chosen as a training partner for CAMIC and sees it as an important step leading to a close long-term cooperation. We find it very exciting to be part of the rapid development and growth of air traffic services in China” – says Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director of Entry Point North.

As part of the cooperation agreement, Entry Point North is assisting the Chinese delegates organise their stay in Sweden including accommodation, meals, local transportation and leisure activities; as well as arranging visits to operational ATC units.

Joint Partnership with GroupEAD S.L.

Entry Point North and GroupEAD Europe S.L. (Aeronautical Information Management service provider) have signed a long term partnership agreement for cooperation for national and international projects. The mutual cooperation will allow both parties to offer total training solutions to a variety of ANSPs and associated customers throughout the world.

The growing need for professional partners to deliver comprehensive training service packages within the air navigation service industry has brought Entry Point North and GroupEAD together as partners to address various customer projects. Entry Point North provides complete initial training for ATCOs, ATSEPs, ATS and AFIS personnel, including a wide range of development training courses, recruitment and selection and other services. While GroupEAD offers AIS and AIM related training and services such as EAD Data Operations, Static Data, NOTAM, AIXM, AIP Production and more. The partnership means that Entry Point North and GroupEAD will be able to offer more services to their customers, either in partnership or by offering each other’s training services. Please contact us for more information on sales@entrypointnorth.com.

ATSEP – the Latest Training Demand in Aviation

For a few years now, the focus for training Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel, commonly known as ATSEP, has been steadily increasing. This focus has just recently led to the development of international training specifications and standards, which brings ATSEP training more into line with pilot and air traffic controller training in regards to compulsory training requirements for safety critical organisations.

Entry Point North now offers a complete range of ATSEP training courses. The training progression starts with Initial Training. This consists of a compulsory Basic ATSEP course to be completed prior to progressing onto one of 16 different Qualification streams plus a common Shared Stream. The subsequent System/Equipment Rating and Continuation training phases need to be performed by the organisations themselves since it requires hands-on practice using exactly the same operational equipment. Entry Point North is able to support and assist with the training processes here.

During the spring in 2012 Entry Point North successfully introduced ATSEP development training and so far we have had participants from The Netherlands, Denmark, Lithuania, Indonesia, U.A.E. and Croatia:

“I found it a great experience attending this course as the instructors were forthcoming and knowledgeable on the subject of on-the-job training. Even though this was the first course directly aimed at ATSEP, it was extremely useful and also there was good two-way communication between the instructors and students when issues arose regarding the differences between ATCO/ATSEP on-the-job training. I fully recommend this course to any ATSEP who wishes to enhance their instructor skills.” – says Paul Woodworth, Team Leader ATES Training & Development at Dubai Air Navigation Services.

Simulator Piloting Service in Qatar

Amongst many other interesting activities, Entry Point North has also been part of the New Doha International Airport project in Qatar since March 2012. This new prestigious airport has been under construction since 2004.

Since the new airport is relatively close to the old one and the airports will be operational simultaneously, the airspace and procedures were redesigned. To assist in the simulation of these procedures, Entry Point North has contributed several simulator pilots for a period of so far 6 months manning the ATC simulators for air traffic controllers and airspace experts to test and evaluate the new airspace.

Available courses in 2013

ATS, AFIS and MET-OBS courses:

ATC Development courses:

ATSEP courses:

General course for non-ATCOs:

The best-in-class training is conducted by our highly professional skilled international instructors using the recognised Entry Point North training philosophy. All the courses and training material are delivered in English. Visit our website to learn more. To book a seat, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

Our staff look forward to welcoming you at our training academy!

International Seminar on Training

On the 7th of June Entry Point North hosted “Changing training habits in a dynamic environment” seminar with more than 60 professionals representing 19 different countries throughout the world. The seminar focused on the challenges of air traffic management related training today. Training objectives are becoming more and more harmonized throughout Europe, but other challenges are being encountered that are much more difficult to manage. The new generation of students (generation Y) are more individual and demanding comparing to previous generations. So how can we ensure that investment in training is secure and deployed effectively? Experts and participants all recognised this issue and entered into many fruitful discussions on the subject.

“Tack international” facilitated an interactive performance theatre presentation about managing the encounter between different generations. This interactive reenactment of common scenarios enabled participants to actively express valuable professional insights and recommendations to the realistic challenges that are being encountered by different generations within the same ATM training environment.

Alexander Skoniezki, (Head of EUROCONTROL Training Institute Luxembourg), gave a EUROCONTROL view on Training Challenges and Harmonisation. Focus was placed upon the harmonisation of training in ATM and the need for changing training habits and training environments. To follow up on the previous topics, Entry Point North introduced the participants to its modern training philosophy and presented real cases from the establishment of Entry Point Central and the successful tailor-made simulation training.

The very positive feedback from participants and willingness to attend similar events in the future emphasises the interest in the subject of ATM training. Entry Point North is proud to host the next event in 2013.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year!

3rd Annual International AFIS Seminar

On 5-6th September Entry Point North hosted the third annual AFIS seminar. Once again almost 50 participants from 12 different nations participated in yearly event for international AFIS community. This time participants as far away as Indonesia took an active part in the seminar – they gave an impressive presentation and extended the knowledge of AFIS in the East.

During the two previous AFIS seminars the common international AFIS rules were one of the top subjects. This year EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) representative explained European rulemaking process and what needs to be done to start a common AFIS rules initiative. The workshop later revealed both concerns and advantages of future harmonisation and ideas of the first steps to take including the foundation of international AFIS organisation.

The participants were also introduced with the latest development in AFIS – the first remote tower projects and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) that included unique experiences from major accidents with fatal outcome and expert advice on how to start a local CISM culture. The Widerøe airlines delegates gave an interesting presentation on AFIS seen from the pilot’s point of view. It provided a unique opportunity to hear their daily experiences.

Following very successful feedback from the three annual AFIS Seminars, Entry Point North is proud to announce the strategic incentive to organise and grow the annual event in the future. Additionally Entry Point North introduces a new forum website dedicated for AFIS and ATS community named www.meetingpointats.com. The purpose of this forum is to give a daily opportunity for AFIS and ATS community to come in contact with each other, which would be valuable in their daily duties, whilst at the same time encouraging people to further develop and improve their operational best practices. We kindly encourage AFIS and ATS people to register for free membership on the forum already now.

Thanks for all the participants and we are already looking forward to seeing you again on the 4-5th September 2013! 

Graduated classes

Graduated classes from May until September 2012

Meteorological Observation

Course Supervisors: Sofi Wadsjö & Jørn Andersen

Course Assistant: Christina Vecanski

Graduation Date: 2012 04 27

Customer: LFV

  • Unni Galvenius
  • Ludvig Fahlstedt
  • Lucas Svensson
  • Catrine Hyden
  • Jenny Demmers
  • Liselotte Caple
  • Helena Olsson






Course Supervisor: Lars Lännerberg

Course Assistant: Dýrleif Femö

Graduation Date: 2012-06-01

  • Stefan Neckebrouck – MUAC, Nederland
  • Per Andersen – Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
  • Danielle Grzelska – MUAC, Nederland
  • Ade Irfansyah – AT HRDC, Indonesia
  • Ayu Mas Oka – AT HRDC, Indonesia
  • Tiny Maas – MUAC, Nederland
  • Remigijus Malinauskas-Oro Navigacija, Lithuania
  • Dario Simunovic – Crocontrol, Croatia
  • Paul Woodworth – Dubai ANS, UAE


Course Supervisor: Jørn Andersen

Course Assistant: Christina Vecanski

Graduation Date: 2012-06-01

  • Jan Aas – Swedavia
  • Henrik Birgander – Swedavia
  • Lulzim Gashi – Swedavia
  • Daniel Bøg Hansen – Naviair
  • Morten Rode Juhl – Naviair
  • Tahseen Uddin – Naviair

ATS Special                                        

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö  

Course Assistant: Dýrleif Femö

Graduation Date: 2012-05-18

  • Kartik Chadha – Avinor
  • Aleksander Ekeland – Avinor
  • Eivind Eriksen – Avinor




Basic ATS                                 

Course Supervisor: Jørn Andersen

Course Assistant: Patrycja Lebeau-Dujour                                

Graduation Date: 2012-05-11

  • Johan Ahnlund – ACR
  • Morten Bjelbäk – FTK
  • Anders Finderup – FTK
  • Signe Kristin Hovland – Stord Lufthavn
  • Anders Lindh – Torsby Flygplats
  • Linda Pieskä – Pajala airport PJA
  • Eneli Seenemaa – Tallinn Airport Ltd.


Course Supervisor: Michael Smith

Course Assistant: Christina Vecanski

Graduation Date: 2012-06-15

Customer: LFV

  • Olle Kättström
  • Emma Liljenberg
  • Ivar Sahlqvist
  • Daniel Weclewicz
  • Adam Sahrin 





AFIS National Training

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö    

Course Assistant: Christina Vecanski

Graduation Date: 2012-07-04

  • Anders Lindh – Torsby flygplas
  • Linda Pieskä – Pajala-Ylläs Airport PJA





Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö  

Course Assistant: Patrycja Lebeau-Dujour

Graduation Date: 2012-06-07

  • Signe Kristin Hovland – Stord Lufthavn
  • Anders Lindh – Torsby Flygplats
  • Linda Pieskä – Pajala-Ylläs Airport PJA
  • Eneli Seenemaa – Tallinn Airport Ltd.


Course Supervisor: Mattias Andersson 

Course Assistant: Patrycja Lebeau-Dujour                                 

Graduation Date: 2012-05-30

  • Stephanie Kanstrup Holton -Naviair
  • Maria Carlstrand – LFV
  • Naja Jacobsen – Naviair
  • Jacob Johansson – LFV
  • Johan Kustus – Naviair
  • Martin Lagerstedt – LFV
  • Totte Nilsson – LFV
  • Kim Barkholt Ovesen – Naviair
  • Jakob Thomas Pedersen – Naviair
  • Johanna Strömberg – LFV
  • Henrik Svedberg – LFV

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Simulator Piloting Service in Qatar


Available courses in 2013


International Seminar on Training


3rd Annual International AFIS Seminar


Graduated classes




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