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Issue #13 – 2013

Welcome to the 13th Issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter!

Please find the latest news and graduations at Entry Point North!

Human Factors Training for ATCOs from NANSC

During February and March ATCOs from National Air Navigation Services Company (NANSC) in Egypt were provided with top quality Human Factors training. NANSC is responsible for preparing and operating Air Traffic Services, Navigational Aids and Safe guarding Air Navigation Services within the Egyptian Airspace.

Together with NANSC we designed and delivered a total of 8 OJTI and Train the Trainer courses to specialists and operational ATCOs from Egypt. All courses met ICAO requirements and were delivered by our experienced instructors based on a proven modern training philosophy and methodology.

International Exhibitions in Madrid and Amsterdam

During February and March 2013 Entry Point North participated in international ATC exhibitions:

World ATM Congress 2013 in Madrid, 12-14 February

First time World ATM Congress organised by CANSO was a great success. The exhibition in Madrid hosted more than 130 stands and 5000 attendees, plus a compelling Delegate Conference and free educational programming.

ATC Global 2013 Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, 12-14 March

With 107 countries represented at the 2013 event including more than 75 ANSP organisations, ATC Global 2013 was the event for ATM professionals from all major ATM sectors. ATC Global unites the international air traffic management community, by annually facilitating business partnerships and knowledge sharing between industry colleagues.

The Entry Point North team had very interesting and busy days making new business contacts as well as meeting current friends, colleagues and customers from all parts of the world. Our visitors included ATC professionals from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and, of course, Europe. We were very pleased to introduce them to our wide portfolio of ATM related training courses and services including ATC, ATS, ATSEP, Human Factors training and various tailor-made solutions.

We would like to thank everyone who took time to visit us explaining their current training needs and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with you!

On-site ATSEP Training in Hong Kong

In the beginning of 2013 Entry Point North was chosen by PCCW-HKT in Hong Kong as their ATSEP Training provider. PCCW-HKT is responsible for CNS/ATM system in Chek Lap Kok Airport Hong Kong. PCCW group also holds interests in telecommunications, media, IT solutions and other businesses throughout the world.

Entry Point North’s human factors experts performed on-site ATSEP OSTI and ATSEP Assessor courses. The courses had to meet specific requirements set out by PCCW still being compliant with ICAO standards. It was regarded as a great success.

ATSEP Assessor course. Hong Kong, January 2013

Entry Point North also had the honour of welcoming participants from PCCW-HKT and Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department to our ATSEP Basic course in Malmoe together with 3 other clients. Later this year Entry Point North will be also delivering on-site ATSEP Training consultancy services to PCCW-HKT all with the aim to strengthen the internal ATSEP training competences within PCCW.

Mobile Simulator Trailer in Oslo

2D ground Training On-Site at Oslo Gardermoen

In order to transition smoothly to a new taxi-way at Oslo Gardermoen airport, Entry Point North provided its tower controllers with simulation training services. The services included simulation equipment, design of tailor-made training solution and piloting services.


The MOS trailer parked at Gardermoen TWR

Inside the MOS trailer – pseudo pilots working

Entry Point North specialists designed a new airport ground layout for the simulator, tested it and then fitted the Mobile On-site Simulator (MOS) Trailer with 6 pilot positions and equipment for 2 Controller positions.

In April the administration building around Gardemoen tower was under construction leaving no space to set up a simulator with adjacent pilot positions. Entry Point North moved the MOS Trailer to Norway and parked it outside the tower. Two Controller positions were set up in a small meeting room inside the building. The MOS Trailer solution enabled 6 pilots and a coordinator to work from the trailer whilst the ATCOs could continue to train inside the building.

Two weeks of intensive training has been successfully conducted so far. The MOS the trailer will be back in Oslo at the end of August for 5-6 more weeks.

Available courses in 2013

In 2013 Entry Point North is conducting many different courses. We hope to continue to meet the training needs and wishes for flexibility of our existing clients and would like to welcome new clients too:

ATS, AFIS and MET-OBS courses:

ATC Development courses:

ATSEP courses:

General course for non-ATCOs:

Please visit our website www.entrypointnorth.com for more courses.

The training is conducted by our highly professional skilled international instructors using the modern Entry Point North training philosophy. All the courses and training material are delivered in English to professionals from all over the world. To book a seat, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com .

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming you at our training academy!

Entry Point North in ICAO Trainair Plus Symposium

In April Entry Point North participated in the yearly ICAO regional symposium for Asia; this time in Bali, Indonesia.

More than 150 aviation professionals gathered to hear the latest training news and participate in discussions on various important topics such as “Main challenges”, “Attractiveness of Aviation, “Competency-based learning” and “Changes in the aviation environment”. Anders Halskov-Jensen (Client Manager at Entry Point North) delivered a presentation showcasting Entry Point North’s own experiences and participated in the panel discussing on the “Changes in the aviation environment” topic together with Pablo Serrani-Sainz from Airbus and Stephen Turner from CASA, the regulator in Australia. The panel addressed topics such as attitude towards changes, difference between generations and change of view on training methods.

Many viewpoints were exchanged and discussed during the three day symposium. For Entry Point North it was another important step towards addressing the training needs in Asia.

Events at Entry Point North

– ATSEP Workshop, 24-25 April 2013

During 24-25 April Entry Point North had the pleasure of hosting the first international workshop on ATSEP Training. More than 25 participants from 14 countries attended the event. There were participants from Airports, CNS operators, International ATSEP organisations plus ANSPs and the workshop was evaluated as a great success.The aim of the workshop was to broaden the knowledge on ATSEP training and on the upcoming regulations and to share best practices between different organisations in the world.

The representative from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) introduced the participants to the upcoming NPA on the need for ATSEP training and certification within the EU. It generated many fruitful discussions among the participants providing new and valuable inputs to the rule making authority.

During the second day the participants actively discussed ATSEP training methodology: the length/depth of training content, e-learning versus classroom training and various future challenges such as harmonisation, cost/safety and technological development.

We strongly believe that this workshop broadened the knowledge on ATSEP training and provided new ideas and inspiration to bring back home.

Thanks to all the participants for making this event a great success!


Entry Point North Seminar, 4 June 2013

“Factors Affecting the Success of Training”

What factors affect the outcome of the training in your organisation and how can you best deal with them? Some are obvious, others might be more subtle. What are the constraints impacting upon the quality of training? Can training be improved by having a better awareness of all the different factors?

This interactive seminar will look into different factors affecting the success of training: recruitment, training environment, follow-up and self-development. It will reflect different views and perspectives including academic and practical examples from other safety critical organisations. The seminar seeks to inspire participants with new thoughts and ideas by learning from other organisations.

Please find the seminar Agenda here.

This seminar is very popular and all the seats are booked now. Please contact us at seminar@entrypointnorth.com if you wish to sign up on a waiting list.


International AFIS Seminar, 4-5 September 2013

On 4-5th September 2013 we will host annual international AFIS Seminar. More information and invitations to come during May.


Graduated classes

Graduated classes from January until April 2013

ATC/ATS training


Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen
Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves
Graduation Date: 2013-02-01
Participants: Fródi Joensen and Sólja Jóanisdóttir



AFIS National Training, Denmark

Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen
Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves
Graduation Date: 2013-02-08
Participant: Fródi Joensen


AFIS Refresh

Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen
Course Assistant: Janja Raguz
Graduation Date: 2013-02-15

  • Max Olsen
  • Dag Flåterud
  • Helene Agersborg-Hansen



Basic ATS

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö
Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves
Graduation Date: 2013-03-28

  • Sissel-Björk Lund Johansson,
  • Katrin Lõo
  • Beatrice Nilsson
  • Arnt Inge Brevik




Course Supervisor: Ann-Katrin Wiktor
& Michael Smith
Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves
& Georgina Szekeres
Graduation Date: 2013-04-12
Participants: Björn Andersson and Marcus Lundberg





Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen
Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves
Graduation Date: 2013-04-12
Participants: Ivar Sahlqvist and Beatrice Nilsson



ATSEP Training




Course Supervisor: Hákon Ásgeirsson
Course Assistant: Janja Raguz
Graduation Date: 2013-02-08

  • Wai-Leung Chan
  • Charn-Wai Leung
  • Ingvar Sandquist
  • Ricardo ter Bruggen
  • George Marina
  • Per-Olov Lönn
  • Henric Sätnan




Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen
Course Assistant: Janja Raguz
Graduation Date: 2013-03-22
Participants: Lulzim Gashi, Peder Andersson and Morgan Sundell



Course Supervisor: Johan Melin & Leif Bergman

Graduation Date: 2013-03-27
Participants: Jon Heinonen, Sami Suopajärvi, Mika Hyötylä, Raimo Mäkinen, Veikko Nummenpää, Veikko Postila, Jyri Vuorinen, Juha Jääskeläinen.



Development Training



7 x OJTI courses for 75 participants

12 x OJTI Refresher courses for 150 participants

Assessor course for 5 participants

4 x Train-the-Trainer courses for 24 participants

ATSEP Assess for 9 participants

ATSEP OSTI for 9 participants


Other Training



Rough Guide to ATC for 4 participants

Controller Aviation Training for 6 participants




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Human Factors Training for ATCOs from NANSC


International Exhibitions in Madrid and Amsterdam


On-Site ATSEP Training in Hong Kong


Mobile Simulator Trailer in Oslo


Available courses in 2013


Entry Point North in ICAO Trainair Plus Symposium


Events at Entry Point North:


– ATSEP Workshop

– Entry Point North Seminar

– AFIS Seminar


Graduated classes


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