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Issue #15 – 2014

Welcome to the 15th Issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter

Wishing all the best for 2014 to all our customers, partners, students and employees, Entry Point North presents the latest news and graduations at the academy.

New Year greeting from Managing Director Anne Kathrine Jensen

Dear Colleague,

Following an exciting 2013 we are now looking into a very interesting 2014 for the aviation industry. According to forecasts the overall air traffic showed improvements in the second part of 2013 and it is expected to continue into 2014. During 2013 Entry Point North developed several new courses addressing the growing need for capacity building. Besides tailor made ATC training programmes for several ANSPs in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East, it launched Basic Aircraft Investigation and Pilot Guide to ATC courses.

In addition we organised several aviation related workshops and seminars that were well attended by industry colleagues. We plan to continue hosting similar events in 2014 as a place where professionals can meet.

2013 was a successful year for Entry Point North and it was a pleasure to welcome students and professionals from new clients and partners in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia for ATSEP, development and ATC courses. During 2014 as well as supporting our Entry Point Central academy in Hungary we will be welcoming students from IAA to our new training facility in Ireland. This is an exciting development for Entry Point North in our continuous strive to serve our customers and partners in the best possible way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our academy or seeing you in Madrid at World ATM Congress 2014.

Entry Point North opens a new ATS Academy in Ireland

On 2nd of January 2014 Entry Point North opened a new transnational academy in Ireland. The academy is a fully owned training subsidiary of Entry Point North. It will deliver all ATS training for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) from its location in Ballycasey, Shannon, following a strategic agreement between the IAA and Entry Point North. As part of the agreement, the IAA has become a shareholder, thus securing a 25% ownership of Entry Point North on equal terms with Avinor, LFV and Naviair.

Entry Point North Ireland is staffed by experienced ATC personnel from both the IAA and Entry Point North and will deliver cost effective ab initio, unit, continuation and development training based on the proven Scandinavian training methodology and philosophy. Entry Point North will provide close support and guidance to local course supervisors, instructors and assistants as well as training material.

Entry Point North Ireland is equipped with 40 Radar/Pilot positions with BEST software from MicroNav, which can be configured as COOPANS simulator controller positions if desired. There are also three 180 3D TWR each equipped with two controller and two pilot positions.

Entry Point North Ireland facilities

The establishment of Entry Point North Ireland provides mutual significant financial and cooperative benefits. While it lowers IAA capital investments through centralised and shared investment and development costs for training, it also affords Entry Point North a greater economy of scale together with in-depth knowledge of the COOPANS training and simulator system to benefit current and future partners.

Entry Point North trains GACA’s future air traffic controllers

On 25th November 2013 Entry Point North was pleased to welcome 28 young Saudi Arabian students who began the initial phase of a two-year training programme at the academy. During the first stage of their training the students are enhancing their general and aviation English skills prior to advancing onto ICAO Air Traffic Control training in the subsequent phases of their programme of studies. Studying began in earnest early during the first week, after a basic introduction to the Entry Point North academy, an English language placement test and several teambuilding activities.

The initial ATC training programme will consist of full ICAO compliant courses comprising of both theoretical and intensive hands-on training using state-of-the-art simulators. The curriculum encompasses Aerodrome, Approach Procedural, Approach Surveillance, Area control and other advanced aspects of Air Traffic Management. The students will also be visiting various operational sites in Scandinavia to deepen their understanding of actual daily ATC operations.

Entry Point North is delighted to have the opportunity to further develop and strengthen our relationship with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the first ever visit to Sweden for the students. They are excited to be living in a new and very different country, and are keen to learn more about both Swedish culture and Western culture in general.

Meet Entry Point North at World ATM Congress 2014

World ATM Congress combines a large-scale exhibition, world-class conference, and social events providing premier networking opportunities and the chance to find out the latest trends and developments in air traffic control. Operated by CANSO in association with ATCA, it is backed by the world’s leading air navigation service providers and industry suppliers. The Entry Point North team will be waiting for you in Hall 9 stand number 821.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to meet the Entry Point North team and discuss the latest technologies, trends and developments in aviation training. We promise that the time spent will be of great value.

If you wish to book a meeting time with us, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

Entry Point North utilises iPads in training

ATC ab initio and ATSEP classes starting early 2014 will utilise iPads. Each student will be lent a device that contains all the training material, regulatory standards and other documents, as well as useful applications for studying.

During a trial period last year, the employment of iPads was extremely well received by students. All training material is now stored on one device that is easy portable and available at any location: classroom, home, bus etc.

The test implementation phase in 2013 proved that classroom lessons became more efficient on account of information being easily and quickly accessible to every student. “This is in line with current new generation needs. Students like to have a constant and immediate access to information. Nowadays students often regard the use of paper copies when studying as awkward. They can very quickly handle information via new tools and devices” – says Hakon Asgeirsson, Development Specialist at Entry Point North. It also enables us to be more environmental friendly and cost efficient by reducing the need for photocopying.

Together with iPads Entry Point North has also introduced their Learning Management System (LMS), which provides students with valuable e-learning tools such as online tests, access to assessment reports, feedback surveys and other study information.

The top priority when implementing the project to move from a traditional to a digital training environment was to maintain, without any compromise or even improve our top quality training services. These new technologies and tools allow Entry Point North to be more flexible when delivering training courses at any location in the world even with very short notice.

Available courses in 2014

In 2014 Entry Point North is conducting a number of different professional courses for the industry. We aim to continuously meet the training needs of our existing clients and would also like to welcome new clients to these courses that are open to everyone working within the aviation environment:

ATS and AFIS courses:

ATC Development courses:

ATSEP courses:

General course for non-ATCOs:

Download the complete list of our training courses and services here.

The training is conducted by our highly professional skilled international instructors using our modern training philosophy. All the courses and training material are delivered in English to professionals from all over the world. To book a seat, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com .

Our staff is looking forward to welcoming you at our training academy!

Graduated classes

Graduated classes from September until December 2013

ATC & ATS training

AFIS Refresher

Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen

Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves

Graduation Date: 2013-09-13
Participants: Erik Sundqvist, Kjetil Midtgarden, Jens Erichsen (observer)




Course Supervisor: Ulla-Britt Jeppesen and Harry Kilpe

Course Assistant: Crystal Gonsalves

Graduation Date: 2013-10-17
Participants: Martin Georg Karner, Daniela Kopp, Christian Prinkel, Roman Michael Stabl, Christopher Strobl, Philipp Taborsky, Arnold Bürgmayr-Posseth



Basic ATS

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö

Course Assistant: Janja Zaccheroni

Graduation Date: 2013-11-01
Participants: Lars-Kristian Sørensen, Jørgen Øyre, Tom Kristian Zahl, Hildegunn Vatn, Morten Eliseussen, Andreas Lamark, Kai Myrenget, Ole Fosse Fardal, Kenneth Jung, Jonas Mindt-Soot




Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen

Course Assistant: Gina Szekeres

Graduation Date: 2013-12-06
Participants: Lars-Kristian Sørensen, Jørgen Øyre, Tom Kristian Zahl, Hildegunn Vatn, Morten Eliseussen, Andreas Lamark, Kai Myrenget, Ole Fosse Fardal, Jon Tufte Nedrestøl, Are Hjelle Guddal



Basic ATS

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö     

Course Assistant: Maja Rugfelt

Graduation Date: 2013-12-13
Participants: Jonas Knudsen, Morten Jensen, Jörgen Raben, Marianne Jensen, Nina Jakobsen




Course Supervisor: Eivind Martinsen and Ulla-Britt Jeppesen

Course Assistant: Janja Zaccheroni and Crystal Gonsalves

Graduation Date: 2013-12-19
Participants: Mate Radan, Ivan Buzov, Ivan Miljak, Ante Žižić, Ružica Vuković, Tanja Vidanović, Marko Petranović, Natanael Đuričić, Mihael Petrić, Blaž Trbara




Course Supervisor: Hákon Ásgeirsson

Course Assistant: Marilyn Djane

Graduation Date: 2013-10-11
Participants: Jens Petter Duestad





Course Supervisor: Hákon Ásgeirsson

Course Assistant: Marilyn Djane

Graduation Date: 2013-10-11
Participants: Ørjan Berg Karlsen




Course Supervisor: Hákon Ásgeirsson

Course Assistant: Marilyn Djane

Graduation Date: 2013-10-11
Customer: Naviair Participants: Peter Ruegaard Hansen




Course Supervisor: Marcus Wikerberg

Course Assistant: Anne-Helene Andersson

Graduation Date: 2013-11-15
Participants: Bertil Andersson



ATSEP Training



Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen

Course Assistant: Marilyn Djane

Graduation Date: 2013-09-27
Participants: Nicklas Söderberg, Anders Wall, Magnus Isaksson, Morten Pedersen, Achmad Setiyo Prabowo, Bambang Bagus Harianto



Development Training:

  • 4 x OJTI courses – 39 participants
  • 7 x OJTI Refresher courses – 95 participants
  • 2 x Assessor courses – 21 participants


Other Training:1

  • 2 x Rough Guide to ATC – 14 participants

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Entry Point North trains GACA’s future ATCOs


Meet us at World ATM Congress 2014


Entry Point North utilises iPads in Training


Available courses in 2014


Graduated classes


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