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Issue #16 – 2014

Welcome to the 16th Issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter

Please find the latest news and graduations at Entry Point North. We wish you happy and sunny summer vacation!

Entry Point North Ireland is running at full speed

Since 1 January the newly established academy in Shannon – Entry Point North Ireland – has been “up and running” at full speed. During the first four months more than 550 ATCOs have taken part in many different types of courses. Sixteen ab-initio students have passed the Basic ATC course and are now progressing to Rating Training and further 10 ab-initio students started Basic ATC course at the end of April.

The Entry Point North Ireland training facilities located in Shannon and Dublin are staffed with administration and training personnel – all headed by the Managing Director Austin Hallahan. The modern facilities comprise a number of classrooms, an auditorium, three 180 degree 3D TWR simulators, 53 simulator positions (40 can be configured as COOPANS) and 36 radar/pilot positions (dedicated COOPANS).

Entry Point North Ireland staff cooperate closely with their colleagues in Malmoe when planning and delivering top quality training services to the IAA. The training programmes offered in Ireland are based on the proven Scandinavian training methodology and philosophy.

ACS training harmonisation

Entry Point North has now jointly developed and delivered a harmonised ACS Rating training module for the ANSPs in five EU member states: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden.

The cooperation started in 2013 when Austro Control and Croatia Control Ltd requested an ACS training module with COOPANS functionalities for their future air traffic controllers. “The exploration of the needs and coordination among our existing customers as well as Austrian and Croatian ANSPs resulted in the harmonised and standardised ACS training module in terms of content and methodology. It is a remarkable step towards implementing Eurocontrol Single European Sky objectives within ATC training” – says Kerstin Sjöbeck, Development Director at Entry Point North.

In addition to the economy of scale, the harmonisation gives high flexibility when assigning training instructors and combining student classes. Drawing on the instructors extensive knowledge and operational experience of the COOPANS system, they provide all the students with live demonstrations and hands-on training using the latest COOPANS HMI. Consequently a transfer from simulation to on-the-job-training is both facilitated and accelerated in a shorter time frame.

Entry Point North is now delivering ACS Rating course for Austrian students in the academy facilities in Malmoe. In the beginning of June the second group of Croatian students will also start their 18-week hands-on training.

CAMIC signs 3-year training agreement with Entry Point North

Entry Point North has entered into a 3-year agreement with CAMIC, the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, to deliver Training Management Programmes during 2014-2016.

As part of the long-term collaboration in aviation related training between the two organisations, the customised Training Management Programme from Entry Point North is designed to develop competencies of ATM chief instructors and to give them an insight into European training standards and methods. The training, which encompasses the latest industry trends within aviation, is based on international aviation training expertise and recognised modern training philosophy. Each year a group of six key selected Chinese training professionals will attend the extensive tailor-made training program of three months length.

ATSEP training delivered in Abu Dhabi

In February-March the training programme consisting of ATSEP Basic, ATSEP Shared and ATSEP SMC Qualification courses was delivered on-site in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre of General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), by several Entry Point North instructors – experts in ATSEP and Human Factors. The training was compliant with the Eurocontrol Specifications for ATSEP training. The participants originated from various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and this resulted in a perfect learning environment of sharing best experiences.

The international recognition of our high quality training services rewards us with a greater expansion into the Middle East. Entry Point North has also recently provided ATSEP training for participants coming from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Dubai as well as various countries across Europe.

E-learning based ACAS/TCAS course

For Avinor, the ANSP in Norway, Entry Point North is now developing an e-learning module for operational ATCOs who are working in ATC environments featuring the deployment of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS/TCAS). Version 7.1, the latest ACAS/TCAS development, incorporates several new features and functionalities with which ATCOs are required to be fully conversant. After completing the e-learning module, ATCOs will be more situationally aware should aircraft suddenly engage in ACAS/TCAS directed maneuvers that diverge from their assigned clearances.

Together with the new e-learning solution Entry Point North provides full administration of the web-based training: invitations, follow-up on the participants and the end test with a score set by Avinor. During the whole training period Avinor receives regular training status reports followed by a final report from Entry Point North.

For more information about our e-learning solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

Development training programme for Ghana

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) contracted Entry Point North with a need for a dedicated training program for its current and future ATC Training Specialists-Instructors. Based on the requirements, a customised training programme was developed in close cooperation with GCAA. A 2-week course comprised Train the Trainer, Human Factors and Safety Management subjects.

The Train the Trainer course addresses training specialists working with both the training of ab-initio students and unit training. Among other subjects it covers theories about adult learning, learning psychology and motivational theories for instructors and students, the importance of assessments and training management. The Human Factors part introduces participants to communication, motivational and professional conduct, fatigue and stress management.

The customised training performed at Entry Point North facilities in Malmoe took the form of classroom lessons, case studies and exercises giving the participants an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning to practical scenarios based on the participants’ own local operational environment.

Meet us at ATC Global 2014 in Beijing

Having attracted over 5,500 industry professionals from 116 countries to Amsterdam in 2013, the 24th ATC Global Exhibition and Conference will move to China, the fastest growing aviation market in the world. It is being held on 17-19 September in Beijing by UBM in close collaboration with industry stakeholders and input from ATMB/CAAC.

The 3-day event is comprised of an exhibition showcasing products and services from international suppliers, a prestigious thought leadership conference, an extensive educational program and unparalleled networking opportunities.

The Entry Point North team will be situated in stand A113. Please visit us, if you are in Beijing – it is a great opportunity to meet and discuss the latest technologies, trends and developments in aviation training. We look forward to seeing you!

If you wish to book a meeting time with us, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

Coming events

AFIS Seminar, 9-10 September

The international AFIS seminar is an annual event for the AFIS community. Every year it brings together more than 50 AFIS operators, national CAA officers and managers from different countries throughout the world. It has proved to be an excellent opportunity to actively share the latest news, developments and best practices while generating professional discussions and new ideas.

We are pleased to announce that on 9-10 September we will be hosting the 5th annual international AFIS Seminar. More information to come on our website very soon.

ATSEP Workshop, 8-9 October

This year the international workshop on ATSEP Training will be hosted for a second time on 8-9 October at Entry Point North in Malmoe. The workshop is organised for all Entry Point North clients and partners and aims to broaden the knowledge and experience on ATSEP training, to discuss the upcoming regulations and to share best practices between different organisations in the world.

Development Training Seminar, 16-17 October, Budapest

On 16-17 October, Entry Point Central is hosting a 2-day seminar in Budapest focusing on the possibilities and benefits of development training.

Today there is an increasing recognition that student success rate is highly influenced by and vastly dependent upon the training and assessment philosophy within the organisation. Creating a coherent linkage between initial training of students, education of on the job training instructors and competence assessors is both vital and essential to ensure a high success rate.

The purpose of this seminar is to exemplify the importance of development training and place it in context with the benefits which can be gained by implementing a modern training and assessment philosophy.

More information to come on the Entry Point Central website www.entrypointcentral.com very soon.

Graduated classes

Some of our graduated classes from January to April 2014


Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö

Course Assistant: Maja Rugfelt

Graduation Date: 2014-01-17
Participants: Jonas Knudsen, Morten Jensen, Jörgen Raben, Marianne Jensen, Nina Jakobsen

Basic ATC

Course Supervisor: Ann-Katrin Wiktor

Course Assistant: Monica Markiewicz

Graduation Date: 2014-04-11
Participants: Kim Allan Thomsen, Jørgen Høiberg


Course Supervisor: Peter Strøm Mortensen

Course Assistant: Janja Zaccheroni

Graduation Date: 2014-04-09
Participants: Helle Borg Erlang, Christopher Abild Christiansen, Claus Barrett Jensen, Theis Joen Larsen


Course Supervisor: Marcus Wikerberg and Fiona Hough

Course Assistant: Maja Rugfelt

Graduation Date: 2014-03-21
Participants: Nicolai Fich Olsen, Mette Pedersen


Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen

Course Assistant: Carina Thynell

Graduation Date: 2014-01-31
Participants: Elisabeth Sallfeldt, Inger Bengtsson, Christopher Hadley, Magnus Mårtensson, Mikael Påhlsson, Tobias Bergman, Flemming Damgaard

ATSEP Basic+Shared+SMC

Course Supervisor: Jørn Andre Andersen

Course Assistant: Janja Zaccheroni

Graduation Date: 2014-03-06
Participants: Greg Kurten, Barry Grant, Christopher Way, Cliff Budd, Paul Brown, Shahzad Chaudhary, Abdulla Alsayed Ahmed, Bilal Mahboob, Greg Pereira, Jabin Ram, Jessie Uy, Littu Abraham, Mohd Zahidur Rahman, Prabhath Premlal, Pushparajan E.M.

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ATSEP Training Delivered in Abu Dhabi

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Development Training Programme for Ghana


Meet us at ATC Global 2014 in Beijing


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Graduated classes


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