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Welcome to the 17th Issue of Entry Point North’s Newsletter. We are pleased to introduce you to a new format and we believe you will like it. Have a nice reading!

Croatia Control partners with Entry Point North for APS, RAD and TCL Training

Entry Point North has been selected to deliver Approach Control Surveillance (APS) Rating, Radar Endorsement (RAD) and Terminal Control Endorsement (TCL) training for Croatia Control air traffic controllers. In November 2014 a group of 12 students start their 12-week theoretical and simulator training in Malmö.

Entry Point North delivers new consultancy services

Entry Point North has recently launched a new consultancy service in the form of complete training reviews aimed at the ANSP training sector. Scottish, Croatian and Austrian ANSPs are among the first to be reviewed.

Available Courses in 2014-2015

Entry Point North is conducting a number of different professional courses for the industry. We aim to continuously meet the training needs of our existing clients and would also like to welcome new clients to these courses that are open to everyone working within the aviation environment.

Training Management Programme for China

In late August a group of instructors and teachers from various aviation organisations in China arrived at Entry Point North for a customised Training Management Programme. During their 11-week stay they are learning about advanced training methods, training philosophy, recruitment, selection and many other topics.

English Training Courses and Tests

Entry Point North is now offering various English training courses and tests at its training facilities in Sweden, Hungary, Ireland and at client sites. The standard courses are based on long-term international experience, Entry Point North’s modern training philosophy and methodology, best practices. The courses on offer include:

New Entry Point North Website

Entry Point North is pleased to present a new corporate website www.entrypointnorth.com. The new website is designed to be more user-friendly and easy to navigate, therefore the site visitors can easily find any course, service or other needed information.

Success at ATC Global in Beijing

ATC Global Exhibition and Conference unites the international air traffic management community by annually facilitating business partnerships and knowledge sharing between industry colleagues. For the first time it was held in Beijing, China, during 17-19 September, moving from its previous year’s location in Amsterdam.

th Anniversary AFIS Seminar

The 2014 International AFIS Seminar was held during 9-10 September, hosted for the fifth time by Entry Point North. The seminar is a unique annual event for the AFIS community and this year we had the honour of welcoming more than 50 AFIS operators, national CAA officers and managers from 13 different countries.

Graduated classes

Please find some of our graduated classes from May to September 2014 here.


Overview of our TRAINING COURSES 


Development Training Workshop, 16-17 Oct 2014
Entry Point North Training Seminar, 26-27 May 2015
AFIS Seminar, 2-3 Sep 2015

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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. We offer a wide portfolio of training and services to aspiring and operational air traffic controllers, air traffic service officers, air traffic safety electronics, administrative and other aviation-related personnel. Training is delivered at our modern facilities in Sweden, Ireland, Hungary and at client sites.