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Issue #6 – 2011

Welcome to the 6th issue of
Entry Point North’s newsletter!

In this issue, Entry Point North wishes a warm welcome in 2011 to all our customers, partners, students and employees and introduces the latest activities and graduations that took place at our academy. 

Clear for take off 2011!
Message from Entry Point North’s
Managing Director – Anne Kathrine Jensen

Entry Point North is proud to start its sixth year of activity and is prepared to use all opportunities 2011 will bring in order to better serve its clients – the ANSPs and ATCOs worldwide.

Looking back, I can say that Entry Point North was founded as a result of visionary thinking by the three Scandinavian ANSP´s Avinor, LFV and Naviair. From the beginning, Entry Point North has been dedicating its work to provide harmonized solutions, high quality and cost reductions within our line of business – ATM education and training. In 2010, we continued training ATM personnel with respect to the same objectives and values and now, in 2011 we are already working on new ways of meeting our customers’ training needs better and smarter.

In 2010, we have joined forces and competences in facing economic asperities, natural disasters, air traffic instability and industry changes. I believe we all learned valuable lessons and a better understanding on how important it is for the aviation industry to harmonize its actions. With the knowledge gained that no ANSP can be successful without business partners at both strategic and operational levels, it is clear that Entry Point North sees itself playing an important role as a preferred ATS training academy in facilitating the adaptation to this new environment. The air traffic in Europe is different from five years ago and therefore different solutions and approaches are required. Entry Point North has gained a lot of experience and insight into how to effectively provide harmonized training solutions.

2011 is a year Entry Point North has been waiting for and we have several reasons to say this, among which:

  • As a result of the challenges that have arisen due to the downturn in traffic Entry Point North has reviewed its services to meet the new market demands. Entry Point North has now greater flexibility when it comes to delivering trainings and we believe that 2011 will be a year with great focus on harmonized solutions with local adaptations.
  • We have added 2 state of the art 360° Tower simulators in order to create the perfect simulation environment during trainings and to ensure the quality standards. Entry Point North holds today, as a leading ATM academy, the largest training capacity with highly effective, modern and cost-effective simulator environment.
  • We have an innovative and effective solution for local training: a Mobile solution. The mobile solutions are offered with the same premium quality training wherever our customer is located. This means that we are able to serve local airports and secure their need e.g. refresher training on the spot. As the training can be performed on the premises of the customer and on whatever airspace the customer wishes it will reduce the time of training thus less time taken away from their operational duties. The Mobile solutions are offered from a few to a high number of training positions for shorter or longer periods all optimized to the exact training needs.
  • We can after years of hard effort now deliver fully standardized and aligned Eurocontrol Common Core Content training packages and we will continuously develop the well-proven pedagogical & training philosophy used by our experienced instructors when delivering the training.

Our promise for 2011 and forth is to play an even more active role whenever there is a need for specific/local training and to answer it by tailoring our harmonized solutions to the particular needs of our customers.
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All the way around!
Using 360° TWRs in ATS simulation

In ATS training, simulation is of essential importance. Recreating an authentic Aerodrome environment is one of the biggest challenges and also one of the training components that ensures a complete competence transfer to the students. During training Tower simulation gives the student a “looking out the tower window” view, matching the requirements of the simulator in connection with the performed type of training.

For ab-initio students, a small Tower simulator covering 180° view can provide the sense of being in a Tower, whereas for refresher training for experienced controllers it might be more difficult to give an authentic view. The success of training is largely based on providing the students or ATCOs with the required experience, but also with the “real life” exposure where the knowledge and skills can be put into practice. Delivering training in a Tower environment that is similar to the working environment is an essential objective of ATS training.

In order to serve all kind of customer needs, Entry Point North has upgraded its second 3D TWR simulator to cover 360° view. This is a big advantage for simulating airports where the Tower is placed “in the middle of the scene” with runways or parking areas on different sides of the Tower, or where the traffic pattern spreads all around the position of the Tower. Moreover, operational controllers on conversion or special courses appreciate the sense of being in a real tower and benefit from receiving training in state of the art simulators.

With the two 360° simulators, eleven 180° simulators and more than 150 radar simulators Entry Point North has now an almost unlimited portfolio of choices when it comes to Aerodrome training and simulation, as well Approach and Area Control. In addition we have experts that can design authentic airfield and airspace layout and develop exercises according to the specific needs of the customer, e.g. refresher training.

If you wish to learn more about Entry Point North’s competences, please do not hesitate to contact us on sales@trynorth.com.
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Tailor made training for 
Greenland Airport Authority

In 2010 Entry Point North had successfully discussed a specific training solution involving a tailor made training for Greenland Airport Authority (GAA). The main hub in Greenland (Kangerlussuaq Airport) was in need of a number of ATCO’s with TWR and Radar Approach license because it had not been possible to attract experienced operational ATCO’s. A request was made to Entry Point North to conduct the required training for the newly recruited candidates.

For this type of airport (small to medium size with a moderate but sometimes complex amount of operations) Entry Point North developed a combined “TWR and Approach with radar” course in accordance with Eurocontrol Common Core Content and had it approved by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority. During this combined course the student will train on individual TWR and APS positions, but most of the time, the single position in TWR will handle both Radar Approach in the TMA and regular TWR control at the same time.

Conducting the training from one single position and preparing the student to work alone as ATCO in a small to medium size airport sets, naturally, a limit to the number of operations to be handled. The training course will allow the student to safely handle 22 aircraft operations per hour in addition to separate ground vehicle movements at the same time.

The pre-requisite for the combined TWR and Approach with radar course is a successfully completion of the Entry Point North Basic ATC course (or any other recognized Basic ATC course), followed by the 10 weeks combined TWR and APS course. In this way, it is possible to complete the training in less than half a year, which is significantly shorter, compared to doing the Basic ATC, the separate APS course and the “Full-scale” TWR course.

It is the hope of both GAA and Entry Point North that the completion of this course, in an efficient way, will provide Kangerlussuaq with the needed
new student controllers for OJT and fill the urgent “gap” in the TWR.
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E-learning in Malaysia

During the second half of 2010, Entry Point North has participated together with our business partner LFV Aviation Consulting in an international project for the Department of Civil Aviation from Malaysia (DCA).

In the beginning of 2010 DCA launched a modernization and optimization project to create an international modern ATM training centre for MAVA, the Malaysian Aviation Academy. Entry Point North together with LFV Aviation Consulting was part of this complex development project. Amongst other things, Entry Point North provided solutions for:

CBT is an integral part of ab-initio training and is a helpful tool in delivering basic knowledge about ATM and in supporting the familiarization of students with the training material. It gives the students the opportunity to learn the different subjects at their own pace and the individual option to reiterate the learning process as often as necessary. Another important advantage of using a CBT is that if a great number of students need to use and learn from the same material, it is easier and more cost effective than having an instructor giving the same lesson numerous times.

For MAVA, Entry Point North delivered a professional CBT training solution meeting their specific needs and at the same time was in line with our academy’s European standard. For example, among the dedicated requirements, the CBT had to cover basic ATM topics including flight plans, strips, airspace, ICAO and also descriptions of the job as a controller in an Aerodrome, an Approach Unit or an Area Control Centre.

“Delivering a CBT-package for MAVA has been an interesting and rewarding experience” says Anders Halskov-Jensen, Training specialist and CBT developer at Entry Point North. “We were not limited by detailed customer requirements, but had free hands to use our experience and expertise and develop the material we considered to be most appropriate to their needs. And even though working beyond countries and cultures can be challenging, we were still members of the same trade and thus able to achieve a great result together. I would happily participate in a similar project any time”.

After successfully delivering the training solution and meeting MAVA’s requirements, Entry Point North is proud to have been involved in this project and wants to thank all partners, especially LFV Aviation Consulting. We are happy to be able contribute to the development of the ATM industry in other international markets.
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It’s ATC Global time!

Continuing an unwritten tradition, every year the ATC/ ATM industry gathers in Amsterdam, Netherlands to participate at ATC Global Exhibition & Conference.

We believe it is a great opportunity for the industry to meet and share knowledge and expertise in different areas of the ATM and ATC business in order to secure a safe development of the aviation industry.

Entry Point North is proud to announce its participation at ATC Global in Amsterdam from 8th to 10th of March 2011 as an exhibitor and is happy to invite all interested industry partners to visit us at stand H317 in Hall 11 and check out our latest ATS training services and solutions.

Training without boundaries is playing an even more strategic development role and this year, Entry Point North will continue its focus on the importance of delivering harmonised training in a customised way and will introduce new solutions for tailoring ATS training according to each Service Provider’s particular needs.

We hope you will not miss the opportunity of meeting us at ATC Global 2011 and we are looking forward to having constructive discussions and meetings! If you wish to book a meeting in advance, please contact Peter Kantner, pek@trynorth.com or +46 734 054 357.
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Entry Point North’s first national training course

A Swedish AFIS operator, that attended an AFIS course at Entry Point North, completed the AFIS national training module, ANT-SE, in just one week. The course contains national rules, national regulation, national phraseology & radio telephony. The training consists of both simulator training and classroom lessons. We are happy to announce the successful graduation of the student and we hope this to be the first of many students attending the Swedish AFIS national training. In the years to come, we hope to conduct national training for other countries too!
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Entry Point North helps LFV with recruitment of managers

During the autumn when LFV had to fill in 10 management positions for the support function of NUAC (Nordic Unified Air Traffic Control) Entry Point North assisted LFV by conducting a personal assessment of the candidates. Based on the required skills needed to fill the management positions we recommended the personality test OPQ, Occupational Personality Questionnaire, from SHL. By using OPQ we were able to identify the best qualified candidates.

Åsa Schumann, Human Resource Business Partner at ATCC Malmö, is very pleased with the recruitment process: “OPQ was a great complement to the interviews. Overall, it gave us a more objective basis for the final decision.”

The first step was to look at the requirements for the job and a meeting was held to establish the needs and to identify important competences for the role. Based on those findings, the personality questionnaire OPQ was then used on the 19 final selected candidates. Entry Point North handled the process, decrypted the results and analyzed them in order to use them as a basis for the following discussions and interview. Every test taker received personal feedback from Entry Point North´s recruitment manager, Åsa Kajrup.

“I am very pleased with the cooperation between LFV the Recruitment department at Entry Point North. They really helped us to understand and identify our needs and the work involved with establishing the correct competences was very interesting and thorough” Åsa Schumann said. Also “the whole process was quick and effective and the recruitment department at Entry Point North was very professional and delivered a high level of service.”

Åsa Kajrup, recruitment manager at Entry Point North and the main responsible for the recruitment project with LFV, mentioned that the entire process can be used as the perfect example of how important it is to have the right tools and expertise during recruitment to improve the results. “It was a pleasure to work with LFV in this project and I believe that together we reached our goal in recruiting the best candidates.”
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Initial Training Graduating Classes

Graduating classes from October 2010 until February 2011

ADI 1020
Course Supervisor:  Bent Dahl Nielsen
Graduation  Date:  2010-10-22

Mats Gjertsen – Avinor
Mathias Haugvik – Avinor
Andreas Helms – Naviair
Fredrik Hope – Avinor
Anders Kinnerup – Naviair
Niels Martin Felle Larsen – Naviair
Peter Laursen – Naviair
Harpal Singh Badyal – Avinor
Henrik Skjelvan – Avinor
Ole-Morten Snellingen – Avinor
Martin Stabell Sandvik – Avinor
Peter Tjørnhøj – Naviair
Lars Einar Wahlquist Johansen – Avinor



ADI 1034
Course Supervisor: Michael Smith
Graduation Date: 2010-12-03

Andreas Andersson – LFV
Angelika Andersson – LFV
Anders Andreasson – LFV
Lovisa Bolin – LFV
Maria Carlstrand – LFV
Jimmy Gregersen – FTK
Jacob Johansson – LFV
Karolina Kemi – LFV
Martin Lagerstedt – LFV
Mattias Lindvall – LFV
Johan Lundholm – LFV
Linda Nyström – LFV
Emmy Persson – LFV
Lasse Stenholt – FTK
Johanna Strömberg – LFV
Filip Wiberg – LFV



AFIS 1046
Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö
Graduation Date: 2010-12-17

Per Lingensjö – LFV
Erki Teemägi – ECAA
Elin Trellevik – Statoil


ACS 1034 A
Course Supervisor: Peder Id
Graduation Date: 2010-12-22

Per Allergren – LFV
Johan Bjurel – LFV
Carl Edwards – LFV
Andreas Hagström – LFV
Cecilia Moberg – LFV
Louise Nyberg – LFV
Robin Svensson – LFV
Saman Tondnevis – LFV


ACS 1034 B
Course Supervisor: Ulla-Britt Jeppesen
Graduation Date: 2010-12-22

Kasper Andersen – Naviair
Klas Birgersson – LFV
Jonas Dencker Norup – Naviair
Mikkel Drescher – Naviair
Eric Eldh – LFV
John Gustafsson – LFV
Jakob Gørup Magnussen – Naviair
Claus Barrett Jensen – Naviair
Jakob Jensen Prühs – Naviair
Patrick Alexander Liebgott – Naviair
Cecilie Overgaard Christensen – Naviair
Andreas Ryberg Juliussen – Naviair


    Photo of ACS 1034 A & B 

ANT-SE 1102
Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö
Graduation Date: 2011-01-14

Per Lingensjö – LFV 



TCL 1047
Course Supervisor: Hákon Asgeirsson & Therese Mohlin
Graduation  Date:  2011-01-28

Anders Bruun Jørgensen – Naviair
Marcus Fridén – LFV
Stefan Hillblom – LFV
Johannes Larsson – LFV
Jakob Lindén – LFV
David Malm – LFV
Martin Møller Vilbrand – Naviair
Maja Nordangård – LFV
Martin Wallfors – LFV
René Vendel Nielsen – FTK 

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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES ACADEMIES IN EUROPE. It is the first transnational academy specialising in ATM training. Entry Point North is approved by the Swedish CAA. In accordance with provisions of the EU “Directive 2006/23/EC on a Community air traffic controller licence”, it is also accepted by EU member countries. The ATS training solutions offered to customers are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and EUROCONTROL ESARR 5.

ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. In any given week of the study year, about 230 European students or ATCO professionals receive initial training or development training. Students are fully trained to meet requirements of the appropriate rating whether this is APS, ADI, APP, ACS or ACP or a combination of these. Specialised programmes are offered within ATS and AFIS training, as well as development training, human factors and safety courses such as OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor, CAT (Controller Aviation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management).

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