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Issue #7 – 2011

Welcome to the 7th issue of
Entry Point North’s newsletter!

Wishing sunny summer holidays to all our customers, partners, students and employees, Entry Point North presents the latest news and graduations at the Academy.

A joint ATM Academy establishment in Hungary

Entry Point North and the Hungarian air navigation service provider are opening a joint ATM Training Academy in Budapest called Entry Point Central. Starting in September 2011, the future generation of Hungarian air traffic controllers will be trained according to the Scandinavian training program and methodology.

   The signing of the agreement. From left Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl and Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director of Entry Point North

The joint venture is a long-term, cross-border partnership that has been created with the purpose of increasing the level of initial air traffic controller training in this region. The first training course will begin in September 2011.

Entry Point North has found an excellent partner in HungaroControl to set up a joint regional ATM Academy. “We are pleased to be able to work closely with such a strong partner. This new collaboration is an important step in meeting the European Union’s goals of a single and harmonised market” says Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director for Entry Point North.

Initially, the newly established Academy will train Hungarian students, and since the training is fully EUROCONTROL CCC compliant, it will also offer international ATM training for other partners requiring European harmonised air traffic controller training.

For more information please click on the link.

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ATC Global ATM conference and exhibition 2011

ATC Global 2011 was the biggest event so far. It is the annual meeting place for professionals within the international air traffic management and air traffic control industry. The theme for Entry Point North on the exhibition was “Tailor-made Training Solutions”. It was supported by the measurement tape worn by all of Entry Point North representatives on the stand. We believe that training is of strategic importance, this is why Entry Point North works closely with its clients to optimise the training and ensure the training goals are met in full.

We had 3 fantastic and interesting days appreciating the opportunity to exchange views and experience with fellow colleagues. It was very successful, making many new contacts as well as meeting current friends and colleagues from all parts of the world in Amsterdam. Visitors included representatives from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and of course Europe.

n ATC Global 2011, Entry Point North

We would like to thank everyone who visited us during this event and we are already looking forward to meeting you next year at ATC Global and to discuss about the success stories and the efficient training solutions that are happening now!

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Mobile On-site Simulator introduction

Entry Point North has been operating a complete MicroNav simulator system for more than 2 years and has just added a new innovative dimension – Mobile On-Site Simulator (MOS). The benefit of MOS is delivering the simulation aspect of training to the customer in order to perform the training on their own premises. MOS is offered in 2 different solutions: MOS-box and MOS-trailer. The type of MOS solution depends on the number of simulator positions and specific exercises the customer actually needs for their training.

MOS-trailer is a 13 sqm fully equipped trailer, that consists of a 180° TWR simulator with 2 controller positions (including radar presentation) and 2 pilot positions. This Mobile Simulator can optionally be provided with pseudo pilot(s). It can easily operate almost everywhere as it only needs a parking spot, access to power and high speed internet to instantly be fully operational. The MOS-trailer is ideal for small-moderate sized airports for regular ATM training, refresher and emergency training, etc.

MOS-box offers the customer flexibility in the number and type of simulator positions to be temporarily installed on the customer’s premises. It can vary between one radar and planner position to a fully simulated control centre. MOS-box solution operates on the customer’s premises using their own facilities and can even provide its own pseudo pilots (a brief introduction course to system is required).

Having the simulator “on-site” offers key advantages to the ANSP:

The MOS solutions can provide many other benefits for the individual client. Contact Entry Point North to learn more about our MOS solutions.

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Successful TWR Controller practise of complex situations

Under normal OJT training conditions, it cannot be guaranteed that all traffic scenarios or situations will be met and practised by a trainee controller prior to validation. Entry Point North ATM Academy can assist in such cases by offering customers its flexible simulator set-up that allows any airspace or aerodrome to be exactly replicated and simulated. In cooperation with local experts any traffic scenario can quickly be recreated for specific training purposes.

Together with an ANSP Entry Point North has recently developed a tailor-made training program for a student in the final stages of OJT as a TWR controller. The student successfully passed Initial training, but during OJT at the unit demonstrated a lack of confidence during complex situations that only occurred sporadically. The ATCO student rarely had a chance to practise this traffic situation and it raised concerns within the unit whether the student should validate or not.

Entry Point North was able to assist the ANSP and the student in this situation. The actual aerodrome and airspace was recreated and a number of exercises were designed together with a local instructor to simulate the local traffic together with the complex situations that required further practise. Following a week of practical simulation using the tailor-made exercises in our 360° TWR simulator, the student obtained the required skills to handle the situations safely. After returning to OJT at the unit, the student validated successfully. Both the student and instructors were very satisfied with the outcome.

ANSPs invest many resources and money in the training of students. Before discarding a student it is worth examining if additional simulator training could complement the OJT received at the unit.

Contact us and we will offer individual solutions for you too.

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E-learning becomes part of training

Entry Point North now introduces an e-learning module as part of its Basic ATS course. Integrating e-learning in the training provides a more flexible and cost-effective training environment enhancing the quality of training.

It offers students the possibility to plan their studying to match their individual needs as it is available 24/7. The learning is self-paced giving students a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary. The learning is also self-directed allowing the students the opportunity to elaborate on specific subjects where desired. It also offers on-line chatting with the teacher and it offers a Q&A function. The e-learning includes on-line evaluation of the student’s knowledge via a built in test. The student has to successfully pass the test in order to continue and complete the training in the Academy.

The e-learning package includes several basic subjects, such as the ICAO phonetic alphabet, that do not require any prior knowledge of aviation. As the students gain knowledge prior to starting their training, teachers can provide them with more advanced lessons in the Academy.

“The biggest challenge for us was to create an e-learning module that offers our students a flexible and cost effective learning solution, whilst at the same time maintaining the same high quality of training” – says Anna-Karin Sogndal, Head of Training Department, Entry Point North.

Learn more about our e-learning module for Basic ATS course by contacting Entry Point North.

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ATSEP course now offered

Over the last few years there has been a growing recognition of the importance of dedicated training of engineering and technical personnel undertaking operational safety related tasks, commonly referred to as Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP). EUROCONTROL has developed a specification of ATSEP Common Core Content (CCC) objectives for Initial and System/ Equipment rating training that sets out the requirements. ATSEP training provides requisite knowledge and practical skills to operate and maintain ATM equipment approved for operational use.

Entry Point North is launching a portfolio of ATSEP training programs in line with EUROCONTROL CCC specifications. The available ATSEP courses in the academy are divided into:

We also offer tailor-made Basic ATSEP courses where the background, experience and needs of the students are taken into account. It allows flexibility in course design – it is possible to select only the individual modules required from the total Basic ATSEP program.

Entry Point North offers the Basic and tailor-made Basic ATSEP course at its premises. Whereas the rating courses will be developed in close corporation with the customer usually at their premises to ensure credibility by having the precise technical working environment.

For more information please contact Entry Point North.

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Initial Training graduating classes

Graduating classes from March 2011 until May 2011

ADI 1047
Course Supervisor: Villy Sørensen
Graduation Date: 2011-03-25

Camilla Smed Thomsen – Naviair
Caroline Aagard Jelsner – Naviair
Claus Jensen – FTK
Janus Iver Strøm-Tejsen – Naviair
Kasper Witthoeft – FTK
Morten Goul Dam – Naviair
Stine Schrøder Skeltved – Naviair
Søren Baand Jensen – FTK
Theis Joen Larsen – Naviair
Troels Øland Pedersen – FTK 


ACS 1105
Course Supervisor: Ulla-Britt Jeppesen
Graduation Date: 2011-05-27

Anders Bruun Jørgensen – Naviair
Martin Møller Vilbrand – Naviair
Ole-Falk Ebbell – FTK


ATS 1108 + AFIS 1117
Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö
Graduation Date: 2010-05-25

Herman Døhlen – Luftforsvarets Hovedverksted Kjeller(LHK) /Forsvarets Logistikk Organsisasjon
Patric Ahlquist – Oskarshamns Utvecklings AB



ADI-APS 1103 + APP 1113
Course Supervisor: Villy Sørensen & Michael Smith
Graduation Date:2011-04-22

Henrik Jensen – Greenland Airport Authorities (GAA)
Jimi Meldhedegaard Moric – Greenland Airport Authorities (GAA)



APP 1117
Course Supervisor: Michael Smith
Graduation Date: 2011-05-25

Lars Isacsson – ACR
Åke Hansson – ACR 






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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES ACADEMIES IN EUROPE. It is the first transnational academy specialising in ATM training. Entry Point North is approved by the Swedish CAA. In accordance with provisions of the EU “Directive 2006/23/EC on a Community air traffic controller licence”, it is also accepted by EU member countries. The ATS training solutions offered to customers are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and EUROCONTROL ESARR 5.

ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. In any given week of the study year, about 230 European students or ATCO professionals receive initial training or development training. Students are fully trained to meet requirements of the appropriate rating whether this is APS, ADI, APP, ACS or ACP or a combination of these. Specialised programmes are offered within ATS and AFIS training, as well as development training, human factors and safety courses such as OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor, CAT (Controller Aviation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management).

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