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Issue #8 – 2011

Welcome to the autumn issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter!

In this Newsletter Entry Point North presents the latest news and graduations at the Academy. We trust you will find it interesting reading!

Now Also ICAO ATC Training Courses are Offered

As a supplement to the ab-initio training based on Eurocontrol Common Core Content, Entry Point North now introduces Air Traffic Controller training courses carried out in accordance with ICAO recommendations and standards. Our professional multinational staff surrounded by long Scandinavian training traditions and competencies offer ICAO training courses at the academy facilities in Sweden.

The ATC courses address customers that require training in accordance with the ICAO standards and recommendations. “By adding ICAO training courses to our product portfolio, we have made an important step in being able to offer training to new markets. Being a total training provider and one of the largest academies in Europe we are eager to respond to the demand of new clients with these optimised courses. Moreover, we are proud to be able to ensure best-in-class training.” – says Flemming Eske Hansen, Commercial Director at Entry Point North.

The following ICAO training courses are now available:

Each course is 8 weeks in length. This means that in just 4 months it is possible for a student to be ready for on-the-job (unit) training in a tower or control centre as desired by the customer. Based on our years of training experience, the ATC training is conducted through a combination of theoretical lessons and practical hands-on simulation exercises. On all courses students receive individual, close and continuous, coaching support and supervision from our professional international instructors.

The academy facility is equipped with more than 180 state-of-the-art simulator positions, two 360° tower simulators and eleven 180° tower simulators: all with high resolution 3D image generation.

If you wish to know more about our ICAO ATC training courses, contact us at: sales@trynorth.com .

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Extra Development Courses during 2011-2012

In response to numerous requests Entry Point North is planning extra development courses during autumn 2011 and spring 2012:

General course for non ATCOs:

Initial training courses are available:

The best-in-class training courses are held at the modern academy facilities in Malmoe and conducted by our highly professional skilled international instructors. All the courses and training material are delivered in English.

Visit our web site and learn more. To book a seat please contact us at sales@trynorth.com.

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming you soon at our training academy!

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Welcome to the 2nd AFIS Seminar at Entry Point North

In September 2010 Entry Point North ATM Training Academy hosted the first European AFIS seminar ”AFIS today”. More than 60 participants from 15 different nations attended this seminar. The participants evaluated it as a great success. Following on from that very positive feedback, Entry Point North is now organising another similar event:

Save the dates in your calendar now

29-30th of November, 2011

This seminar, targeting AFIS and national CAAs managers and officers, will take place at Entry Point North ATM Training Academy at Malmoe-Sturup airport.

The seminar will cover the following subjects:

The unique AFIS seminar in Europe will provide all the latest news and updates within the industry. It is probably the only place to meet so many colleagues from different countries, share experiences and best practises.


The 1st AFIS seminar at Entry Point North in September 2010

The seminar package includes: 2 seminar days, 1 night at a hotel in Malmoe city center, daily transport between the hotel and Entry Point North, lunch both days and a dinner for all the participants on the 29th of November. The price for the seminar package is only €200 per person. Participants are responsible for organising their own transportation to Malmoe. Any extra accommodation days are to be paid separately.

The official invitation along with the finalised agenda will be issued very soon. The event is already proving to be very popular, so make sure that you do not miss out! Book early by contacting us at afis@trynorth.com!

We look forward to welcoming you at our 2nd AFIS seminar!

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New EU Regulations regarding ATCO and student licences

EU Commission Regulation No 805/2011 of 10 August 2011 laying down detailed rules for air traffic controllers’ licences and certain certificates pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, has now come into effect. The new regulation updates the rules for air traffic controller licensing and certification covered by the EU Directive on a Community Air Traffic Controller Licence (2006/23/EC), that has been effective since May 2008.

The goal of the regulation is to establish and maintain a high uniform level of civil aviation safety, to achieve the highest standards of responsibility and competence, to improve the availability of air traffic controllers, overall air traffic safety and competence of personnel.

The aim of this regulation is to enhance the confidence of other Member States licensing systems, by setting common rules. For training organisations like Entry Point North and for personnel involved in training or assessment, the regulation will enhance the mutual acceptance of certificates issued.

For some time the objectives of initial training have been described in EUROCONTROL “Specifications for the ATCO CCC Initial Training”. With the introduction of Regulation 805/2011, all Member States will have to update and align their initial training plans to these specifications. Already today student licences issued by one Member State must be recognised by all Member States. “Tous pour un, un pour tous” as Alexandre Dumas wrote as the motto of the three Musketeers. That offers more flexibility and opportunities in the field of training for Air Navigation Service Providers.

Besides detailing the recognition of licences this regulation also describes the recognition of medical certificates. From now on a medical certificate issued in one Member States shall be recognised in another Member State.

So, what else is new compared to the old Directive from 2008? Well, it contains more details and clearer common requirements for OJT-instructors for example. With the implementation of this regulation endorsement ratings for OJTI shall be valid for a renewable period of three years. The same applies to licence holders who are entitled to act as competence examiners or competence assessors for unit and continuation training, approval is valid for a renewable period of three years. The implication for the ANSPs is that they have to ensure that their personnel involved in assessment or unit training are still certified to provide these duties and to reschedule refresher training to meet the renewal dates, which might cause some logistic challenges.

Entry Point North is certified by the Swedish CAA to offer approved ab-initio training to students, who upon succesful completion of their respective courses will receive a student controller licence that is recognised by European Member States. Entry Point North also offers OJTI courses, OJTI Refresher courses and Assessor courses that comply with CCC and are approved by the Swedish CAA.

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Basic ATC Training is starting in Budapest, Hungary

Entry Point Central, a joint training venture between HungaroControl and Entry Point North, is proud to announce the commencement of ab-initio training for 15 air traffic control students in September.

During 2011 Entry Point North staff has provided valuable support and assistance to HungaroControl, bringing the Scandinavian training methodology, tools and philosophy to the the next generation of air traffic controller training in Hungary and the surrounding region.


The 1st Basic ATC training course in Budapest, Hungary

Entry Point Central instructors in the newly established academy have received theory and simulation support and training from Entry Point North. The know-how has been passed to all administrative and technical staff also.The first training courses are conducted primarily by Entry Point Central staff in conjunction with the support from Entry Point North proffesional training specialists.

Entry Point North’s highly skilled technical staff have assisted with installation of the new modern simulators and will be providing continuous support along with any required development of the training equipment. Entry Point Central has 22 new simulator positions: they include Aerodrome and Radar simulators plus Area Radar and Approach Radar Control positions. Also there are two 3D tower simulators, each providing a 180° panoramic view to the student controller, giving the visual impression of being in a control tower.

The transfer of Scandinavian know-how and training traditions has created a unique well-functioning international training system inline with the objectives of the Single European Sky harmonisation policy. Despite the tight preparation schedule prestigious ATM academy located in central Europe and supported by Entry Point North has managed to get everything up and running in time for the first group of students.

Contact us at sales@trynorth.com to know more.

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Initial Training graduating classes

Graduating classes from May 2011 until September 2011

Basic ATC, APS, APP, TCL and ADI Course Supervisor: Ulrika Öst

Alexander Lönnborn – LFV
Andreas Bengtsson – LFV
Gabriel Odenhammar – LFV
Johan Rebensdorff – LFV
Johan Steffen – LFV
Johan Svensson – LFV





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In this issue:

ENTRY POINT NORTH IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES ACADEMIES IN EUROPE. It is the first transnational academy specialising in ATM training. Entry Point North is approved by the Swedish CAA and accepted by all EU member countries. The ATM training solutions offered to customers are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and EUROCONTROL ESARR 5.
ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. In any given week of the study year, students or ATCO professionals from different countries receive initial training or development training. Students are fully trained to meet requirements of the appropriate rating whether this is APS, ADI, APP, ACS or ACP or a combination of these. Specialised programmes are offered within ATSEP, ATS and AFIS training, as well as development training, human factors and safety courses such as OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor, CAT (Controller Aviation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management).

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