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Issue #9 – 2012

Welcome to the 9th issue of
Entry Point North’s Newsletter!

Wishing all the best for 2012 to all our customers, partners, students and employees, Entry Point North presents the latest news and graduations at the academy.

Greetings from Anne Kathrine Jensen – Managing Director

As yet another busy year has come to its end, I would like to take a moment to summarise some of the highlights and achievements in 2011. It was an interesting year in which we saw an increase in air traffic compared to 2010.

Last year a new chapter was written in Entry Point North’s short history with the opening of a new ATC academy in Budapest, Hungary, named Entry Point Central – a joint venture between HungaroControl and Entry Point North. After the Grand Opening in September, Entry Point Central immediately started running ATC training courses, according to plans. In 2012 we are planning to launch new training services at our Entry Point Central academy and we will be happy to welcome new customers to this joint venture.

We are also very pleased to welcome new customers that have joined our training courses this year. Entry Point North has been engaged by Prishtina International Airport to select and train their ab-initio students – future air traffic controllers. The General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia is a new customer of Entry Point North. We are delighted to see Arabian students attending our academy and providing us with a truly international touch. Also, during 2011, Entry Point North together with our partner LFV Aviation Consulting has delivered Computer Based Training and Aviation English for the Malaysia Aviation Academy.

Looking to the far north, not only did Greenland Airport Authority (GAA) become a new customer during 2011, they also bought a completely new training product from Entry Point North – the combined ADI/APS course, which is directed towards Service Providers with a moderate traffic volume. A tailor-made course was offered to meet their exact need.

To maintain the total training provider and market leader position, new training solutions were introduced during the course of the year, setting the standards for a truly international ATM academy. ATSEP training courses, both Basic and Qualification were introduced, as well as a full range of ab-initio ATC courses based on ICAO standards which are offered to ANSPs in fast growing regions like the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

At the end of the year Entry Point North hosted the second AFIS seminar with more than 50 participants from 13 countries. It is an honour to see so many professionals attend this seminar.We hope it will be an even bigger event in 2012.

Furthermore, Entry Point North is proud to announce that we shall be hosting an International Training Seminar during 2012. We look forward to seeing many of our old friends and colleagues attending as well and new interested parties.

All these developments would not have been possible without our dedicated professional staff and all the organisations, partners and customers who contributed with their time, effort and energy. A big thank to everyone. We look forward to continuing our important work for ensuring the continuous improvement of the Air Traffic professional skills that are deemed necessary to enhance the safety of air navigation throughout 2012 and beyond.

Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director

Entry Point North trains the future Air Traffic Controllers of Prishtina International Airport

Entry Point North is proud to be chosen to select and train the future air traffic controllers for Prishtina International Airport in Kosovo during the next 3 years.

In November 2011 Entry Point North together with Prishtina International Airport started the evaluation and selection process of candidates best suitable to join the Basic ATC training course. Each candidate was asked to complete an online personality test, that then formed basis for a personal interview in Pristina. A comprehensively designed 4 week selection program included the following aspects:

For professional and independent grading of all the candidates the level of importance of each of the tests described above was detailed in advance. Experienced assessors from Entry Point North proficient in Human Factors, ATC and English language conducted a thorough assessment of every student. As a result all the candidates were objectively rated including a study identifying each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Basic ATC course for the successful candidates is due to start at the end of January. It will be followed by APS, APP and ADI rating course training at our modern facilities in Malmoe – all fully compliant with EUROCONTROL Common Core Content (CCC) specifications. The simulation aspect of training will be conducted using Pristina Airspace and the Pristina Airport layout. Both of which have been specifically created for the purpose of this training. Entry Point North staff will provide daily support for the students in Sweden by arranging accommodation, meals and assisting with transportation, so that the students can concentrate properly on their essential studies.

“I have no doubts about the high training quality at Entry Point North. The great advantages of the academy are its multinational training staff with different expertise and customer orientation strategy. One size does not always fit all – I was very pleased in actually contributing to the training plan” – says Lorik Abdullahu, Chief Controller at Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari” during his visit at the Entry Point North academy.

ATC Global 2012 – What’s cooking in ATM training!

ATC Global Exhibition & Conference is the annual meeting place for professionals within the international Air Traffic Management and Air Traffic Control industry. It is a great opportunity to meet colleagues, share knowledge and gain new inspiration. Leaders of the ATM global community will be gathered together in one place to discuss how ATM performance can be enhanced at a time of considerable economic challenges – the key issue of the ATM industry today.

Attending ATC Global 2011 was a great success and we had hundreds of visitors from all over the world interested to learn more about ATM training. Entry Point North is pleased to announce that we will also be attending the ATC Global 2012 Exhibition & Conference taking place in Amsterdam on the 6-8th of March. Our highest priority during this event is to meet you, our business colleagues, to have the opportunity to discuss our training services, and to build relationships and form new business partnerships for the future. Last year’s theme was “Tailor made solutions” underlining how we can tailor make ATM training to match the needs of the customers.

This year’s theme will be even more exciting and the only way to find out is to meet us in Hall 11, stand number H317- same place as last year. Our team will be waiting for you to inform you about the latest technologies, trends & developments including our new offerings such as ATSEP, AFIS Refresher, Meteorology Observation, Simulation training, Recruitment and Selection, etc. We promise the time spent will be of great value.

We look forward to seeing you there. If you wish to book a meeting, please contact us at sales@trynorth.com.

2nd AFIS Seminar at Entry Point North

On the 29-30th of November Entry Point North hosted the 2nd AFIS Seminar. More than 50 participants from 13 different European countries attended this unique event for the AFIS community. This annual seminar brought together AFIS operators, national CAA officers, CAA managers and pilots, from various countries providing everyone with an exclusive opportunity to actively share the latest news updates and best practices; which in turn generated numerous professional discussions and new ideas.

The topics of the seminar included:

Most of this year’s topics were focused on technical equipment for AFIS towers: radar, surveillance equipment and remote virtual tower – all specific and interesting subjects for AFIS operations. The seminar revealed exciting developments in many countries; for example “Avinor” (the largest AFIS service provider in Norway) presented the implementation it’s Remotely Operated virtual Tower for AFIS.

The discussions at the seminar emphasized a need for common regulation and practices concerning AFIS procedures and phraseology. Participants unanimously agreed that more representatives from CAAs, EASA and ICAO should be urged join this unique seminar next year.

The seminar feedback survey indicated that participants appreciated this one-off opportunity to meet colleagues from different nations and discuss issues related to AFIS operations. During breaks the atmosphere was amazing – the air was filled with the sound of intensive AFIS discussions. A lot of new contacts were made and friendships formed. The majority of participants stated that they are already looking forward to coming back next year, to what is fast becoming an annual Entry Point North event. We are extremely happy to continue to host and be responsible for this new tradition of an annual AFIS seminar, here at Entry Point North.

We wish to take this opportunity to extend a warm and heartfelt “Thank you” to all our speakers and participants! We are looking forward to welcoming you again next year.

AFIS Seminar team: Sofi, Jörn and Bjarne

First ATSEP Basic course

Corresponding to the needs of customers, Entry Point North launches its first Basic ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel) course on the 30th of January. The new course is compliant with EUROCONTROL specification of ATSEP (CCC) objectives for Initial training. Already in some countries, i.e. Denmark, training of ATSEP personnel is a part of the national regulations for technical organizations and the documentation of an approved training plan for all Air Traffic Safety Electronics personnel is compulsory.

Ab-initio students – future technicians from Air Navigation Service Providers and private organisations – will join the first course at the modern academy. The basic ATSEP course is comprised of classroom based teaching and includes the following subjects: Air Traffic Familiarisation, Aeronautical Information Services, Meteorology, Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Data Processing, System Monitoring and Control, Maintenance procedures, Facilities and Safety. A study visit to an Air Traffic Control Centre is incorporated into the course to give participants a better understanding of theactual working environment.

The course will be conducted by Entry Point North’s instructor team that combines both long term professional experience and training expertise. It will be delivered in line with the academy’s modern training philosophy, using training tools and methods that have been successfully proven during our extensive Air Traffic Controller training experience..

The ATSEP courses also can be delivered at the customer’s own premises if required. Where there is a need for a more individual approach, taking into account students’ background and/or experiences, Entry Point North is also able to offer an individually “tailor made” course.

In 2012 the following ATSEP courses will be conducted at the academy:

To register to a course or for more information please contact us at sales@trynorth.com.  

More new training courses

AFIS Refresher

EUROCONTROL’s manual for Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) states that to be able to maintain competence, AFIS officers shall periodically complete a structured form of refresher training and training in emergency/unusual situations.

Entry Point North is now pleased to introduce an AFIS Refresher course designed for AFIS officers to refresh their operational knowledge and skills. The course includes information on the latest developments within AFIS and aims to inspire the participants to continuously enhance their daily operational work skills. It provides the AFIS officer with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the limitations and reactions to different situations, during normal operations as well as unusual events. By bringing together participants from various fields, the course provides participants with an opportunity to exchange experiences, improve their communication and build a stronger social affinity as a professional group.

The duration of this course is 5 days. It is divided into theoretical lessons combined with practical hands-on simulation exercises – all delivered by professional international instructors. The simulator training is conducted in a modern 3D tower simulator and consists of individual exercises. The comprehensive simulator exercises include varying traffic and weather conditions as well as training in emergency/unusual situations.

The first AFIS Refresher course was successfully delivered in December 2011 with participants from Sweden and Norway. In 2012 AFIS Refresher courses will be conducted on the 16-20 April & 1-5 October. To register to a course or for more information please contact us at sales@trynorth.com.

Meteorological Observation

The course is aimed at Air Traffic Services personnel whose duties include performing meteorological observations e.g. TWR controllers, AFIS operators, TWR assistants, Apron controllers, etc. The Meteorology Observation course imparts students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to make standard accurate surface meteorological observations. It enables participants to observe and note the conditions that make up METAR and MET report meteorological messages, encode the observations in a standard format and transmit the coded information.

The course is compliant with the guidelines for the education and training of personnel in meteorology and operational hydrology – requirements of the World Meteorological Organisation for aeronautical meteorological personnel. The course is approved by the regulator – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

The course duration is 5 days. To enroll on the course, students should have completed a Basic ATS or Basic ATC course at Entry Point North or another recognised training academy. For aspiring air traffic personnel, that has not completed either of the previously mentioned courses, an additional 5 days of basic meteorological theory training is required and can also be offered.

In 2012 Meteorology Observation courses will be conducted on the 23-27 April; 14-18 May & 10-14 September. Contact us at sales@trynorth.com to know more about our new courses.

International seminar about the importance of training

On the 7th of June in 2012 a seminar about the importance of training will be hosted by Entry Point North. This international seminar will be organised as a training workshop aimed to highlight the importance of investment in training in organisations. The seminar on training will bring together training experts from throughout the aviation industry and will be a great opportunity to meet likeminded peers and learn about the latest developments. Together with independent professional experts Entry Point North will present the following preliminary topics:

It is a non-profit seminar and will be free of charge, but the costs for accommodation are to be self-financed. An introductory networking event will be organised in the evening before the seminar. The number of participants from each organisation will be limited in order to get a broad variety of attendees in the hope of generating more wide-ranging professional discussions. The seminar program and topics may still be subject to change. More information will be posted on our website during first quarter of 2012.

Contact us at seminar@trynorth.com if you are interested in participating in the seminar.

Graduating classes

Graduating classes from September 2011 until January 2012

ADI Course

Course supervisor: Michael Smith 

  • Kristoffer Schøn Nielsen
  • Jens Majgaard Thyssen

 Customer: FTK





AFIS Course

Course Supervisor: Sofi Wadsjö

  • Vegard By, Avinor
  • Sina Elise Breisnes, Avinor
  • Daniel Klepp, Avinor
  • Jan Ove Olsen, Avinor
  • Siri Dahle Jensen, Avinor
  • Petter Lyngstad, Avinor
  • Ine Tidslevold, Avinor
  • Kristian Meier, Avinor
  • Jaana Üksik, Estonian Air Navigation Services



ACS Course

Course supervisor: Ulla-Britt Jeppesen 

  • Angelika Andersson
  • Anders Andreasson
  • Jimmy Bergqvist
  • Maja Bernhardsson
  • Maja Nordangård Borrie
  • Mikael Ekelin
  • Christian Ekvall
  • Mattias Lindvall
  • Johan Lundholm
  • Janni Öhrström

Customer: LFV



Advanced AIS/AIM Course

Course supervisors: Gonzalo Reyes & Simone Nern                       

  • Ali M. Al-Ahmari
  • Matoq A. Al-Alawi
  • Anass R. Al-Aseeri
  • Yaquop M. Al-Fetni
  • Abdullah F. Al-Rebdi
  • Mazen M. Al-Shehri
  • Khalid A. Sedeeq

Customer: General Authority of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia


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Entry Point North trains the future ATCOs of Prishtina International Airport


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International Seminar about the importance of training


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