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Customised Refresher and Emergency training for Aerothai in Malmö

It was the first time that we provided this type of training to Aerothai in Malmö, Sweden. The two courses were both five days in duration and were tailored to the participants’ specific training needs.

Entry Point North Spain doubles its training capacity

To accommodate for growing student numbers, we expanded the square footage in order to make room for three more simulators, which equates to twenty more simulator positions.

Omani controllers at Entry Point North for the first time

The participants were trained to become successful instructors in emergency training for air traffic controllers and developed their skills in creating effective and realistic emergency situations.

Site in the spotlights: Entry Point North Belgium

Our newest training site is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Looking back on the first year of operation, we see a successful start-up of the academy.

ATSEP Workshop 2019

The ATSEP Workshop has proven to be an excellent opportunity to actively share the latest news, regulation updates, developments and best practices, and to generate professional discussions.

Open courses scheduled for 2020

Entry Point North continuously offers various ATC, AFIS, OJTI, Assessor and ATSEP open courses – we are pleased to announce the 2020 schedule for courses which are open to everyone.

Graduated classes

See some of the classes that graduated between June and August 2019.



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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. We offer a wide range of training and services to aspiring and operational air traffic controllers, air traffic service officers, air traffic safety electronics, administrative and other aviation-related personnel. Training is delivered at our modern facilities in Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and at client sites all over the world.